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Random Wednesday


  • I have some pretty new fiber from Knitterly Things. It’s called Fireball and it makes me want to spin.
  • Which is good since I plan on spinning a lot at SPA this weekend.
  • Not that I know where I’ll be spinning since they moved the spinning location from the hotel where I’m staying.
  • I’m a little cranky about that, I have to tell you.
  • But I know we’ll make the best of it and have a fun weekend.
  • When I’m not spinning I’ll be knitting.
  • Or eating. It’s my job to plan where we eat all the meals, you know.
  • They keep making me do it because I pick really good places.
  • It’s a gift.
  • When I’m not spinning or eating I have a photo shoot planned for my Flyingdales sweater.
  • I bet you forgot all about that one, didn’t you?
  • Maybe I’ll ask my favorite photographer to squeeze in some photos of the newly finished Mondo Cable Pulli, too.
  • Because yes, that one is done and it feels great!

And that’s my random for today.

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  1. I felt a little put out about the spinners being set up over at the Harraseeket too… How can a person go purchase something lovely from one of the vendors and then sit and spin? I’d think the vendors would like the spinners nearby. One spinner might drool over another’s fiber, and then go and get some for herself. But I’ve never partaken of the spa part of spa. DH is going to PA to take care of his dad, which wasn’t planned when I planned to go to spa, so I’m working on getting child care so I can still go for Sat. He’s old enough to be by himself, but not with me so far away for so long…

  2. Oh, good… you’re the restaurant wrangler again this year. 🙂 Amy and I will be coming up to the Harraseekit…. I like the spinners that we sat with last year (including you!). I think Amy *might* be ready for her first spinning lesson this year 🙂

    Can’t wait to see the sweaters…

  3. looks like you’ve made good of your down time. Can’t wait to see the sweaters.
    I am also ‘put out’ about the move. Thinking that I’d be able to really relax and then finding that we’d be hauling stuff around.. well… and then this morning I see the weather looks crappy for walking back and forth. I wish that the spinners were at the least put on ground level to the parking. Okay, enough bitching.

  4. I wish with all my heart I could be there. Say hello to the grrls, have a drink (and a bite to eat for me, too.) Spin up a storm, that roving looks like fire. I can’t wait to see your sweaters!

  5. Nope. Haven’t forgotten about Flyingdales. I figured you were having difficulty with lighting – what with all that snow! While you are having a great weekend, don’t forget to get good sleep! Enjoy!!

  6. Beautiful colors – can’t wait to see the sweaters. I might have to try to go to spa next year, sounds fun!

  7. The roving looks yummy. Can’t wait to see the sweaters. When you spin, do you have a project in mind for the yarn? What’s your plan for the fireball? It makes me want to go spin a warm color yarn after this long dull winter. Tammy

  8. Glad you’re feeling better!

    You must read like I do – skimming, looking at words very quickly. For the longest time I thought the name of the sweater you’re going to photograph was Flyingdales. It’s really Fylingdales, with the ‘y’ before the ‘l’. Ravelry knows about us – if you type Flyingdales into the pattern search, you get Fylingdales. Try it! 🙂

  9. I’ve always called it Flyingdales too. It rolls off the tongue, whereas Fylingdales definitely does not!

    Can’t wait to see both sweaters! I also can’t wait to get spinning again – five more days till the Olympics are over! Woot!

  10. Sounds like you’re feeling better – YAY!!! The picture of the fleece looks like a rose. Spinning, knitting, eating…sounds like a great weekend in store for you! Enjoy!

  11. Wow, You’re all set for this long winter season with two sweaters. I’d like to see the Flyingdales esp., in Beaverslide?

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