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A Very Quiet Weekend

You know it’s a pathetic weekend when the highlight of your Saturday is a trip to the grocery store. But I’m resting like I’m supposed to and that’s about all I thought I should do.

Plymouth Beach February 2010 resized for blog

On Sunday I made Dale drive me to Plymouth just so that I could tell you I did something other than sit on the couch all weekend. The ocean was beautiful and so blue. It really cheered me up to see it.

I’m continuing to knit on the Mondo Cable Pulli and the sleeves are just about done. I’m hopeful to have it done by the weekend but I’m not making any promises.

Except this: I promise I will be well enough to go to SPA.

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  1. Thank you for the ocean view this morning! Being ill is such a drag, but a strong recovery will insure no relapse in the future. Have you seen the English picture Green Fingers? Fun way to pass the time while you wait for spring.

  2. I didn’t leave the house all weekend, unless you count stepping out on the front porch to get the mail out of the box. I know your “confinement” was less of a choice, but just what you need to keep on the road to recovery. Nice destination for a Sunday drive!!

  3. You poor thing – this one really kicked you butt! Are they missing you at work?

    Keep resting so you can enjoy your upcoming weekend.

  4. The water looks beautiful. I never tire of seeing it on my daily travels. Do it recognize the breakwater at Long Beach? Or is it Nelson Park? Hope to see you sometime Saturday at SPA. Dinah

  5. So glad to hear you’re feeling better, I know how much you’re looking forward to your SPA weekend 🙂 Gorgeous picture, we’re so blessed to live close enough to take a short drive & see such beauty.

  6. It’s such a bummer that you’ve been sick for such a long time but it’s great that you’ll make it to SPA. You are so lucky to be so close to the water. It’s so restorative.

  7. Such a pretty picture.

    It sucks that you’ve been sick for so long! I just know that you will be completely healed for SPA – you HAVE to be 🙂

  8. The ocean air is always good for my lungs, the scent of the ocean helps me to relax as well. Good idea. Take care – no need to respond to my comment, just great to see that you are getting better.

  9. You had better be… because with a lotta help from my friends I myself had a very productive Saturday, and you wouldn’t want to miss it.

  10. Hi Carole, I hope you are feeling better and better. Have you seen JessaLu Knits today? Nice surprise for you!

  11. Just found your blog – hope you are feeling better. I’ve had pneumonia many times, so you have my deepest sympathy. Hope you are feeling pink as that lovely tulip very soon!

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