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Oscar Thoughts

In no particular order, my random thoughts on the 82nd Academy Awards.

  • Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin weren’t nearly as funny as I thought they would be. Bring back Billy Crystal.
  • Sandra Bullock looked lovely. I thought her dress was elegant and her hair was simply beautiful. I’m happy that she won for Best Actress.
  • Precious won several awards and I think that’s awesome. It’s not an easy movie to watch but the overall feeling is one of hope and you can’t go wrong there. Hooray for Mo’Nique.
  • My opinion of Charlize Theron’s dress: here are my boobs! look at my boobs! they are RIGHT here!
  • I predicted 13 categories correctly. I think that’s pretty good.
  • I saw all 10 best picture nominated films. Hooray for meeting goals.
  • We played Oscar Bingo but I never got bingo. All I needed was someone to “thank God” and no one did. Bunch of heathens there in Hollywood.
  • I loved the way they introduced the nominees for Best Actor and Best Actress. It was touching and wonderful to hear the things said about each nominee.
  • Good for Kathryn Bigelow for breaking through and winning Best Director – the first time for a woman.
  • I did not think Hurt Locker was the right movie for Best Picture but I’m not surprised that it won.
  • I was hoping for a win for Avatar but it was not to be. James Cameron is laughing all the way to the bank, I’m sure.

And finally, I made Oscar cookies.

Oscar Cookies resized for blog

They were yummy!

Oscar Cookies 2 resized for blog

And this way . . .

Oscar Cookies 3 resized for blog

We all got to have an Oscar!

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  1. Ha ha! Love the cookies! I have to admit that, having seen no new movies at all last year, I didn’t watch, as I wouldn’t have had a clue. I do like your dress description, though; I’ve seen quite a few like that.

  2. I too was happy Kathryn Bigelow won, but after seeing Hurt Locker totally disagree that it was the best picture of the year. The filming was unique and gave you a documentary feel, but the main theme of the story was not revealed as well. I got it, but it was just not that memorable.
    I’m sure others will think it’s great,but I thought it was just good. We actually saw several of the nominated films this year, but certainly not all ten!
    Love those cookies, you really got into the spirit of the night!

  3. Such yummy treats!! I thought Steve and Alec were not that bad and they weren’t around much anyway. Sandra’s dress was my favorite of the night and while I haven’t seen the Hurt Locker or Avatar, I was thrill to see Hurt Locker win. Winning both categories is proof Kathryn Bigelow won on her merit. It’s a story that needed to be told.

  4. I’d have to agree with your assessments of the Oscars. (Except that I didn’t see any of the movies up for best picture so I can’t really comment on that.) I was just happy that Steve and Alex weren’t painful to watch like David Letterman was. I did think the Snuggy bit was pretty funny. 🙂

  5. When I saw Charlize’s dress, my first thought was, “Poor girl…her bra cups are too big!” That dress was a real fashion “don’t”. Everyone else looked lovely…just like those cookies. Yum!

  6. I enjoyed the George Clooney bit with Alec and Steve. The “mother load” comment was pretty funny too. Loved Sandra’s dress and Penelope Cruz’s as well. Thought Sean Penn was odder than usual. Really wish I had gone to bed earlier – we’re out of coffee!

  7. I really did laugh out loud a few moments, but I got bored and tired and went to bed well before the end. And Charlize Theron’s dress — I mean, the woman is gorgeous and could probably pull off a brown paper bag, but OMG. My favorite part of the whole evening (that I saw) was those dancers.

  8. Can I get an invitation to your Oscar Party if I plan a trip to MA when they are on? Those cookies were awesome! I wanted to see all the movies but only saw five.

  9. I agree with almost everything. I was so disappointed in Steve
    and Alec, loved Sandra’s dress, etc., etc. Didn’t see either movie
    so I can’t comment on your last two remarks. Love the cookies!!
    I can tell you worked for a caterer. Last night’s awards show
    was one of the best, I thought.

  10. Since we only saw one of the nominated movies, I can’t comment on the merits of which picture won over the other … but I can say that there are several that I now want to see! I was thrilled to see Katherine Bigelow win 🙂 I was also thrilled to tears for Sandra Bullock … I mean, c’mon, to be nominated alongside Meryl Streep is one thing, but to actually beat her out? Whoo hooo! And the story behind the main actress in Precious? One day you’re a struggling college student & the next you’re nominated along with Meryl and Sandra for Best Actress? How surreal!!

    Love the cookies, you’re so creative!!

  11. Love the cookies! I didn’t see any of the movies, but I hear Precious is coming out on DVD tomorrow so I will start with that.

    Bingo? I love that! Did you just make up your own cards or print them out from online somewhere?

  12. Ditto Rowan / cookie cutter? — my MIL gives an Oscar party… Love your piping.

    Didn’t see any of the films but do like-like-like Sandra Bullock and am glad she won. What was she in? (Yes, I live off planet!)

  13. They were reviewing some of the awards given to admit people to the Oscar hall of fame I think, or something like that. They showed Lauren Bacall accepting her award at a previous ceremony and I laughed out loud when she said “I can’t tell you how excited I am that I will have a 2 legged man in my bedroom tonight!” – I am sort of paraphrasing, but I thought it was a great line from a wonderful lady!
    I agree with you martin and baldwin were flat I thought…

  14. Adorable cookies! I was cheering for Sandra, too, although I only saw one of the ten movies and it wasn’t hers!

  15. I watched it with R and Dave – and when Charlize was on screen..well, let’s just say there were *comments* ;o) (someone wanted to sniff them…someone wanted to ‘BE the roses’, etc.) There were funny moments, and I was VERY happy that Sandra Bullock won, however, the last hour was soooo loooooong…

  16. I was thrilled that Sandra Bullock won the award but I didn’t love her dress. It was ok. It wasn’t the worst though, Charlize definitely nailed that title. I really liked the way they introduced the Best Actor and Actress nominees. I think it was one of the best parts of the show.

    BTW, love the cookies. Where’d you find a cookie cutter for them?

  17. I loved Sandra Bullock’s dress…and agree that Charlize Theron’s was amazing…and not in a good way! What was she thinking? Those giant flowers were almost as bad as if she’d had hands appiqued on!

  18. Thanks for adding a laugh to my afternoon with both the Charlize Theron dress comment and the cookies. I didn’t watch any of the ceremonies OR the nominated movies — I’m so out of the loop!

  19. Love the cookies! So creative – I thought the Oscars were toooo long – but I was glad that Hurt Locker won. My favorite part was Ben Stiller – l love him!

  20. I was glad to see Bullock win – and also Bigelow! That was an awesome win…

    Why do they even have hosts – they were boring – and not funny either…I could easily do with the lovely voiced lady that introduced people – and you never saw her.

    Love, love the way they present to the Best Actor and Actress! It gives a little insight into their lives and careers.

  21. Good thing I wasn’t there. I’d have had 5 Oscars………I love homebaked cookies. I liked the John Hughes tribute. He grew up in my area. He filmed the Breakfast Club at my hubby’s high school. I loved the ways he used suburban Chicago for his films.

  22. I loved that Mo’Nique won without all the campaigning that most nominees do. I was also happy that James Cameron looked genuinely happy when Kathryn Bigelow won. Although I thought it was stupid that the Academy sat them so close together like they were expecting some drama or something.

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