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Random Wednesday

Another Flower Closeup resized for blog

With nothing in particular to blog about today, it’s time for some random. In bullet form, please.

  • After lusting after them for ages, I finally got myself an iPhone last week. Allow me to say – it IS everything it’s cracked up to be. And then some.
  • I finished the Hamamelis Shawl over the weekend but I haven’t blocked it yet. I expect to do that soon, though, and that means some finished knitting to show – for a change.
  • Getting up at 5 am sucks.
  • With the shawl completed I started an Entrelac Scarf in Noro Silk Garden. This could prove to be addicting.
  • The new job thing I alluded to last week is working out pretty well. I’m still a full time library director but I have a bit of a side gig going on now, too.
  • Not to be all cryptic but I don’t want to share it with the whole internet just yet. If you ask me, though, I will tell you in an email.
  • I started myself on a Pandora bracelet. I love it but it sure could get expensive.
  • I am slogging my way through a very lengthy biography on FDR.
  • 24 is lousy this season.
  • But Parks and Recreation is great. This is a new-to-me show and, as a town government worker, I’m not sure how I missed it before now.
  • And since we’re talking about teevee, I have to say I’m disappointed in the new series Parenthood. With Ron Howard involved I expected it to be fantastic and it’s just sort of “meh”.
  • We had pork chops for dinner last night. Hannah doesn’t care for pork chops. Does it make me a bad mother that I sort of enjoy making her eat them?
  • That’s all the random I can think of for today.
  • See ya in the comments.

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  1. I love pork chops but haven’t had them in ages; I think it’s time.
    I’d love to know what the side gig is, please 🙂

  2. Yes, please, what is the side gig?

    Just wait until Hannah comes home from college and asks for your pork chops. It might just happen.

  3. *I started an acct yesterday. Downloaded The Help.
    *While watching Lost, I knit 3/4 of an inch too much on my Fishbone Gansey sock. Rip out or wear them long?
    *I don’t like getting up at 5 am either, but I do enjoy my cup of coffee and your blog at 5:45! Happy day, Carole.

  4. When I can knit again I’m going to make Hamamelis. Can’t wait to see yours. 24 really sucks…but we like NCIS. At Hannah’s age she should know what she likes and doesn’t. You’re not a bad mother, but IMO she shouldn’t be forced to eat them. I remember being that age and not being able to leave the table. It was humiliating…not a good place for a teen. OK, I’m rambling. xoxo

  5. We had pork chops last night, too, stuffed! Hmmm, Hannah didn’t say she didn’t like pork chops when I left her one to have for dinner on my birthday … maybe she secretly likes them? LOL!! I like that scarf, very pretty … into my queue! I still haven’t flamed out on 24 … not sure I’m liking the new twist, though!

  6. I don’t think enjoying making Hannah eat pork chops makes you a bad mother. I enjoy making my 11yo son eat tofu every so often. It builds character!

  7. 1) Spill. 2) I still haven’t sprung for an iPod. 3) Those Noro Entrelac scarves ARE addicting! 4) I’ve actually deleted some DVR’d episodes of 24, should axe it altogether. 5) As the mother of the most picky eater in the world, I’ve never made her eat anything — try-it/taste-it, yes — I’ve also never prepared anything different for her… if she’s not eating what everyone else is eating, she’s on her own.

  8. words with friends.. love playing scrabble on the iphone with friends. Do wish it had a larger vocabulary. Did not accept, zygote, diz, or verso the other day.

  9. Welcome to the world of Iphone! Do you wonder how you ever lived without it? Judy is right on – Words With Friends is great.

    If you don’t care if your Pandora beads are authentic, I know a few great places to get nice beads very reasonable. Let me know….

    Do tell about the side gig – if you are comfortable with that.

    In agreement with Parenthood. I loved the movie but the series just doesn’t have the magic.

  10. Love my Pandora. Would do almost anything for an iphone. Love to know about the gig. Also unimpressed with Parenthood. I hear you on the 5:00 thing. I do it way more often than I’d like!

  11. I agree about Parenthood, too. I expected Ron Howard to produce something wonderful, but this is just average.
    While babysitting my granddaughter last fall, I discovered that her mom, my daughter, doesn’t like pork chops. I looked in disbelief at my son-in-law and said, ” How can that be? We had pork chops once a week when she was at home!” Who knew!

  12. Romeo got an iPhone a few months ago…doesn’t know how he ever lived without it. LOVE the Hamamelis shawl – I think it will be lovely in this green/yellow/taupe Inca Sportlace I have lying around. LOVE Entrelac! Yes, 5am is no fun…but it’s a LOT more fun than 3:45 with a hurling dog (which was how I started the day yesterday…). New gig? Do tell! Pork chops…I’ll take Hannah’s portion! Love biographies…must check out the FDR book. Pandora? Hmmm…

  13. Huh. Hamamelis is next up for me, or second next. Can’t decide. Curious about your new side job. And I loved the first episode of Parenthood, but the rest haven’t been quite up to snuff. I keep watching though. I remember pork chops. Now that I am practically a vegan, they don’t grace my plate anymore, but I used to love them the way my mom made them, on the stove, just a little over-fried. Yum. She wasn’t always consistent with the pork chops and they were sometimes a little tough. We didn’t dare leave any though.

  14. Ha, I was just reading the comments about the pork chops. Erin is the pickiest eater It’s true. But like Vicki, I never make her eat anything (she is also the most stubborn child It’s true, so choosing battles is important, we both come out with injuries), but never cook a second meal. She has learned to cook her own stuff quite well.

  15. Can’t wait to see the shawl!!! I just got some great yarn for a shawl, just haven’t figured out which one to make. Maybe that one! Please, do tell about the job!!! The curiosity is killin’ this cat!

  16. I love my iPhone. Best invention ever. It makes my boss green with envy that he only has a blackberry. (Of course work pays for his).

  17. Wow, you can still make her eat things?

    Yes, I would like to know what your new job is, and how it impacts your time.

  18. 5AM – what’s that? Glad you’re enjoying the entrelac scarf. I told you it was addictive. I look forward to doing another one.

  19. Parks and Recreation is sort of based on our local Forestry and Natural Resources department in Lafayette, IN. Just a bit of trivia for you.

  20. The lousy cell phone reception here in The Great Frozen Tundra Of Northern Wisconsin keeps me from lusting after an iPhone. Almost.

    You can tell me about your side gig. Promise I won’t put it on my blog 😉

  21. I am waiting patiently until my contract with Verizon expires in July, then I will have to decide between the Droid or an iPhone!

    Verdict’s still out on Parenthood for me, but I was hoping for more of an Arrested Development feel, rather than a telenovella.

  22. Wish I had an iPhone…not in the budget to make a change right now…someday. I got a Pandora bracelet from a friend for my 50th birthday last year. She gave it to me with 2 charms. She gave me another for this year’s birthday. In the meantime I had seen a kit for a “pandora-inspired” bracelet at Mary Maxim. I added those beads to what I had for a much lower cost (like the whole set for less than one real bead) and so far no one has noticed they are real, including the people who have Pandoras. That works for me since the budget is somewhat tight right now. And I love Parks and Rec. I actually also like Community and the rest of the NBC Thursday night shows. Oh, and what is the new gig? I am having to reinvent myself a bit because my job is being squeezed out and I am always interested in hearing what other people are doing.

  23. I also didn’t care for Parenthood. I watched it once and decided there was too much drama in it. I’d love to hear about your new sideline.

  24. I want an I-Phone sooooooo bad – but I am locked into a contract right now with Verizon. Love my Pandora bracelet – I have found some great charms in gift stores for alot less. We are having pork chops tonight!! Cooked on the grill with bbq sauce!!

  25. Did you get Plants vs Zombies for the new phone yet? 😀

    Just remember that Hannah will be picking your nursing home and may hold a pork chop shaped grudge if you’re not careful. :p


  26. Pork chops are one of my favorites! But, they have to have a bone in them – and a bit of fat on them!

    I, too, was expecting more from Parenthood…

  27. Hamamelis is going to be a vacation project for me if I can wait till July.

    I agree on Parenthood. I had high hopes but it’s just eh, ok. Not sure I will keep with it.

  28. I’m glad the new job is going well.

    I’m with you on the Parenthood show. I hoped for better, but the previews helped me to brace myself for the underwhelmness it delivered.

    Blocking lace? Yay!

  29. VERY curious about the side gig.

    I like “Parks & Recreation”, too. We’re still faithful watchers of “The Office”, but I think it’s losing ground fast.

  30. You are too funny!

    – love my iphone
    – still working on my Hamamelis Shawl
    – don’t watch those particular shows, but teevee in general seems pretty forgettable lately
    – does the side gig involve fiber?
    – sometimes it’s just a good idea to have a porkchop every now and then. what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?

  31. Congrats on the iphone! I also waited forever to get mine and love it. Not sure if you’re a fan of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series, but that’s basically what the iphone is, in my opinion. Especially when you count wikipedia, google maps, and the kindle app. It’s like magic.

    And Parks and Rec is awesome. So understated. 30 Rock is a similar kind of humor, I think – if you don’t watch it yet, give it a go.

  32. Can’t wait to see your shawl. You always do such a stunning job. And the iPhone? It’s been my command central for more than a year. LOVE it.

  33. iphone=love it.
    There are days when life is nuts that I do not even fire up my computer, but just use my phone.
    sigh.. heaven
    yes, it is ALL that they say that is wonderful about it.
    glad you have one.

    do you play scrabble ? check out words with friends, and let me know if you wanna place a game 😉

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