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Ten on Tuesday

Almost A Daffodil resized for blog

This week’s topic is 10 Favorite Easter/Passover Traditions. It’s good to find seasonal inspiration for the themes, yes?

  1. Color Easter eggs. Every year I say I won’t do it and then every year I do.
  2. Have a jelly bean hunt. This was something I loved as a kid. My brothers and I each had a single line of jelly beans starting at the foot of our bed and heading towards the stairs. They met at the stairs and went down them in a row of three. Once we hit the first floor it was a jelly bean free for all and I loved every second of it!
  3. Go to church. Okay, I don’t do this anymore (for political reasons, if you can believe it) but I used to really enjoy Palm Sunday and Maundy Thursday and Good Friday and, of course, Easter morning services. There’s nothing quite like “Christ the Lord is Risen Today” on Easter morning.
  4. Buy new clothes. I always had a new dress, white gloves and white patent leather shoes, and an Easter bonnet. I don’t buy all that anymore but I still have an urge to get a new Spring outfit for the occasion.
  5. Eat peeps! I prefer mine to be yellow and in the shape of a chick, please.
  6. Serve Easter dinner. I have sometimes made Easter brunch but I really prefer Easter dinner. I serve ham and it doesn’t get much easier than that.
  7. Decorate with tulips and lilies. I used to always buy one to decorate the church and then bring it home afterwards. I don’t do this anymore but I still like to have tulips in the house on Easter.
  8. Listen to Jesus Christ Superstar and Godspell.
  9. Assemble an Easter basket. It should be filled with fake green grass and chocolate eggs and chocolate bunnies. There should also be jelly beans and malted milk eggs and some of those peanut butter eggs. The more candy the better!
  10. Be happy that Easter means spring and spring means summer is right around the corner.

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  1. I just had to buy more eggs for coloring! My husband bought our normal ones that are brown and just don’t take color well. The kids love coloring them but won’t actually eat them – more egg salad for me!

  2. East reminds me of childhood and all the candy I ate. Today we don’t bother but if we do something it’s along the lines of eating matzo. 😉

  3. I love the jelly bean hunt idea! Was it hard to go to sleep at night, knowing you’d have the hunt in the morning?

  4. All great things! If you get the notion to return to church, I’d love to save you a seat in my pew 😉 Love the jelly bean hunt, what a grand idea. Bought my white eggs yesterday …

  5. Another terrific “Ten.” I just washed my bunny and carrot cookie cutters. Time for some iced sugar cookies!

  6. Great perspective on the photo! I love malted milk eggs. I want the kind with the candy coating (real chocolate, not that white stuff) but haven’t found it in years. I also love popcorn bunnies!

  7. I was struggling with this one, so I’m glad to see that some of yours are what you did as a kid. I can definitely get behind #10 — but I still wish it wouldn’t rain quite as much.

  8. Oh no, no, no. Fake Easter grass in the Easter basket just won’t do. Line those baskets with Malabrigo worsted in Verdes or Saphire Green. Let your family eat the candy you keep the ‘grass’!

  9. Peeps have never appealed to me, but I have a weakness for those colored malted eggs. And, yes, the basket should have a chocolate bunny. In fact, lots of chocolate!

    The food section in today’s Chicago Tribune had suggestions for filling a healthy Easter Basket that included carrot muffins and fruit in addition to non-food things such as trinket-filled eggs and stickers. To their credit, they did suggest chocolate-dipped strawberries and cinnamon sugar sprinkled almond meal cookies, but really! That just seems wrong. Can you imagine the look on a child’s face upon finding such things instead of jelly beans, chocolate bunnies, foil-wrapped chocolate eggs and pastel malted balls?

  10. A very fun list! I always say I won’t color eggs, but I end up doing it, too. I don’t like Peeps but I do love all the chocolate…

  11. Daria was so jealous of Easter this year. She wished we had a holiday involving visits from the Easter Bunny and egg hunts. Those things sound like fun to me too. And of course there is nothing wrong with an easter baskt full of goodies – as long as there are mini eggs in there. I LOVE those suckers.

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