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Water Water Everywhere

You may have heard on the news that we’ve had a bit of rain here in Massachusetts. Roads are closed, bridges are washed away, malls are underwater.

You want some proof? Here’s my back yard.

Flooded Back Yard

Told you.


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  1. It’s all so crazy! We have similar flooding up in Maine, but my backyard is looking nothing like that! Stay dry,

  2. I was wondering yesterday if you had been affected. I guess so! I hope it doesn’t come up any higher.

  3. No complaints here in RI – only 1/2″ water in the basement. The stream in the back yard never overflowed. The water stayed in the bay. All good. Just don’t ask about my 1.5 hour commute to Bristol on Tuesday (usually a 20 min. ride – yeah, good times).

    And just think about all the mosquitos we will have this summer. Oy.

    Stay safe!

  4. Hee Hee. I think you should still sandbag your house as punishment for playing an April Fool’s joke on us.

  5. Is that your house? On the upside, we get a few more weeks to file our taxes. (Really. Until May 11. No April foolin’.)

  6. Wish I could say my hour and a half commute through all the detours is an April Fools joke.

  7. Ruh-roh. I hope your house is higher than the one in the photo. Is your house in any danger? Here’s hoping the water goes downdowndown soonsoonsoon.

  8. Even if that isn’t your backyard, it looks like that water wise around here. Spent two hours this morning trying to map out routes of roads that were open for the service techs. Can’t get there from here sort of thing. Wish the DOT would stay up to date with the road reports.. 16 hours old is a lot.

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