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New Handspun

Remember all those singles I showed you last week? There were 4 bobbins full in one photo plus 3 center pull balls in another photo. That’s a lot of singles, dear reader!

7 skeins

I’ve been plying like crazy to get them finished and – behold! They are singles no more!

It was a regular sweatshop around here, I tell you, but it feels great to have empty bobbins and 7 finished skeins of yarn.

Now I can go ahead and fill them up again!

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  1. I am suitably impressed, that’s a lot of plying! Do what my dad does, kiss yourself on the arm for being so awesome. Or maybe it’s just funnier when you see a Tall Dark & Handsome Puerto Rican retired corrections officer do it.

    Moving on. 😛

    Any plans for the yarn?

  2. Nice colors. You feel good, huh? I told you!

    Any ideas on what you want to knit with your beautiful new stash?

  3. Beautiful yarn! Must be very satisfying to knit something from yarn that you spun and plied yourself! It’s fun to just look at for a while, too.

  4. That’s the best thing about spinning – getting to do it all over again! Did you ply any contrasting colors together, or put each with its own?

  5. Hey Congratulations! That is a lot of really beautiful handspun.

    You inspired me to sit down and work on my own personal slog… a large lace stole for my mom. I hit the “halfway point” on the third (and last section) last night and did a happy dance.

    Only five hundred more rows (perpendicular short edging rows) to go!!

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