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Tour de Fleece-ing

The Tour de Fleece started this week and I am in! My goal: spin up all these bags of Hello Yarn Fiber Club installments.

Bags of Hello Yarn Fiber Club blog size

That’s a lot of 4 oz bags!

My first day of spinning was Sunday rather than Saturday but I’ve been going great guns ever since, managing to spin a bag a day, even on my working days.

Thrive Corriedale Wool Top blog size

Sunday/Day 1: “Thrive” Corriedale Wool Top Feb 09

Peat Superwash Merino Wool Top blog size

Monday/Day 2: “Peat” Superwash Merino Wool Top March 09

Five Plum Pie Falklands Wool Top blog size

Tuesday/Day 3: “Five Plum Pie” Hand-Dyed Falklands Wool Top May 09

Alpine Romney Wool Top blog size

Wednesday/Day 4: “Alpine” Romney Wool Top July ’09

Just keep spinning. Just keep spinning.

I feel like Dory in “Finding Nemo”.

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  1. When I first looked at the number of bags I thought “Yeh, good luck with that.” Then I remembered watching you spin – you’ll have it all done with time to spare. Go Carole!!!!

  2. Wow, that IS going to be a lot of spinning. How do you join this Tour de Fleece? I’ve seen people posting that they’re in, but…

  3. So fantastic! I love all those colorways, and you’re doing them great justice. Are you planning to navajo/chain ply them?

  4. Wow! I truly impressed with your spinning. After I come back from Knitting Retreat, I desperately want to dive into my spinning fiber stash. It’s been sadly neglected these past few months in favor of knitting.

  5. Whoa. That’s a lot of fleece. Have you visited the Hello Yarn group on Ravelry? She has a finished yarn thread that’s gorgeous… lots of examples of these colorways.

    Spin on!

  6. Nice progress! Alas mine has been emptying bobbins. Hoping today will be more productive. I have many of the same bags to be spun up too as well as some Zarzuela’s fiber.

  7. Beautiful colors! I see some nice kniting over the winter with that pretty yarn.

    I didn’t have time to Tour this year. Too much going on this summer. I am having fun watching all of you guys though!

    Keep going Dory!

  8. Very impressive! I can’t imagine spinning at a pace like that. It’s all really pretty too. I can’t wait to see the end result. I envision quite a pile of gorgeous skeins.

  9. In seeing you and JessaLu’s posts on Tour de Fleece I’m thinking fiber clubs are a great way to go. You get brand new colors and fun with each bag! Lovely!

    Are you plying or just going for singles?

  10. Woo Hoo!

    You’re on fire! I’m so proud of you and impressed with the spinning. Wanna spin for me while I try to finish my Niebling?

  11. My grandmother would have given you a gold star sticker. Spinning binges are wonderful for solidifying technique and improving consistency of twist and grist. You inspire!

  12. Wow your spinning is gorgeous! I also have quite the backlog of helloyarn fiber to be spun. Unfortunately I have deadline knitting that has to be addressed first. Some day soon though I will start to make a dent in my stash. 🙂 Oh and then I will try to locate some of her Hive colorway that one was gorgeous! (and I have a huge weakness for yellow right now)

  13. Such beautiful colors! I’ll think of you spinning every time we watch the bicycle wheels spin. Big TDF fans here!

  14. Wow, your handspun looks great! So many wonderful colors… I just started spinning two weeks ago and am a rookie!
    Julia from Germany

  15. Holy cow, that’s a lot of spinning!!! I *NEED* to get back into her club! Not just want, mind you, but NEED! I’m on the waiting list, kicking myself for letting my sub lapse.

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