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Entrelac Scarf

I finished the Noro Entrelac Scarf just in time to give it to Hannah as an Easter present. While it’s not the typical chocolate bunny and marshmallow chick in a basket, it was received happily. You see, she had exclaimed over it one day while I was working on it and any of you who have a teenager know that exclamations over hand knits deserve to be rewarded.

Anyway, yesterday was a glorious summer-like day here in Southeastern Massachusetts so I took the scarf with me to work and figured I’d have lunch on the beach near my office and take some photos. Dale joined me and we enjoyed the sun and warm breezes and then I set up the scarf on the lifeguard stand and tried to take a photo. Emphasis on that word tried.

I had the camera but I did not have the memory card. It was about to be an epic fail when I remembered that Gale told me the iphone takes pretty decent photos. I pulled it out and opened the camera app and . . .

Entrelac Scarf 1

Not bad. Not as great as my Canon but definitely acceptable.

Entrelac Scarf 2

And definitely a relief since it’s been way too long since a finished hand knit graced this blog.

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  1. Nice! Looks very squishy and warm. Funny considering it was 1° shy of 90 yesterday. 🙂

  2. Love the contrast of those warm colors against the cool blue sky. And did I tell you I’m totally jealous about your picnic on the beach??? Well, I am.

  3. That’s a beautiful knit! I love the colors against the pale sand and lifeguard stand.

  4. That’s gorgeous, Carole! You know, I’ve never done entrelac…just looking at it makes me dizzy…but I’d give it a go if it would look as good as this!

  5. It came out great.

    Iphone does take good pictures – thank goodness because it’s the quickest way to get pics on my blog these days.

    And yes – when a teen admires a knit project, it does become theirs. Because how often does that actually happen?????

  6. Your iPhone definitely rose to the occasion! Great pictures and gorgeous scarf! I dabbled in entrelac for a few days back in the winter, decided I loved it, and dedicated some stash yarn to making an entrelac scarf…and that’s as far as it’s gone. I think that scarf is now in about ninth place among my “to knits”. Someday…

    P.S. Love the new handspun!!!

  7. The scarf is fabulous and so is the picture. It shows off the changes in direction and color. Nice work on both, my friend.

  8. It’s lovely! My son got a new pair of ear buds in his Easter basket (along with some chocolate and Peeps). After two trips through the washing machine and one through the dryer, his old ones gave up the ghost. Amazingly enough, his iPod was absolutely fine!

  9. Very nice! And, yeah, I’m having that knitting issue too. Anyone who remembers that I have a blog at all would be entirely justified in forgetting that it’s a knitting blog. (I didn’t do this week’s ToT: I’m not that big on magazines, and I couldn’t think of ten.)

  10. You have a “beach near your office”? I am so jealous. What I wouldn’t give. *sigh* Anyway, the scarf looks great. Hannah’s got great taste. Bruce still loves his and Lindsey has been hinting that she’d like one too. Those are popular scarves!

  11. Very pretty. I do like the way it turned out…I have several skeins of Noro…still haven’t decided what to do with them…

  12. stunning scarf – and yup, I use my iphone camera all the time 🙂 Less pixels for sure, but ever so handy! and my daughter got me to download an application called Hipstamatic which mimics 1940-50 style picutres (tho Im not very good at it yet)

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