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Hamamelis Shawl

I brought my finished Hamamelis Shawl with me to Frank Harlow Day. I thought the scenery might make for an interesting photo shoot.

Hamamelis Shawl 1 resized for blog

Turns out, tent ropes are great for displaying shawls.

Hamamelis Shawl 2 resized for blog

I loved knitting this shawl. The design, from Kirsten of Through the Loops, is fantastic. I love that the edges of the shawl are straight instead of scalloped as most of my other shawls are.

Hamamelis Shawl 3 resized for blog

The yarn is wonderful. Dream in Color Smooshy is just that – smooshy. And the color is a gorgeous shade of blue.

Hamamelis Shawl 4 resized for blog

There are lighter bits and darker bits and I think it will be awesome with a white shirt and blue jeans.

Hamamelis Shawl 5 resized for blog

It’s also awesome with lilacs. Just sayin’.

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  1. What a beautiful shawl! Love the color. Must have been nice not to have to block out umpteen points. Did you use a blocking wire through the eyelets on the edge?

  2. Just gorgeous, Carole! I’m knitting a shawl in a similar color right now – it makes me so happy to pick it up!

  3. I’m a little envious you’ve finished. The shawl is gorgeous!! The pattern and yarn and sitting out ready for me to start as soon as I get my knitting under control.

  4. Really, really lovely! And right now Kristens’s patterns are on sale. Might be time for me to purchase a few!

  5. Your Hamamelis turned out so beautifully! I love it in that shade of blue! It really is a fantastic design.

  6. Carol, do you know what the color is that you knitted
    your shawl out of? I love Dream in Color and I LOVE
    that blue!! Very nice and nice photos!

  7. Wow! Just…. Wow. That is extremely beautiful!! Congratulations on a beautiful shawl. And beautiful Photography.

  8. Everything is better with Lilacs!!! Beautiful shawl I love the color, also I like the straight edge. Looks like it was a really fun knit!.

  9. Gorgeous shawl Carole. The color made me think of blue jeans as soon as I saw it so I bet it’ll look perfect with them just as you said.

  10. That’s gorgeous, especially with the lilacs! I immediately thought it would go awesome with blue jeans, and laughed when I read that part of your post 🙂 I need to find me a shawl pattern now!

  11. Oh, I love it. I took my yarn out of the stash to make mine last weekend. Just need to finish up the shawl/stole I have on the needles and this one is next.

    The blue is gorgeous.

  12. You KNOW I like the color. It’s a beauty of a pattern, too. Will Hannah model this? Or you? (hint hint)

  13. The Hamamelis is really pretty, I will have to copy that, same pattern and same yarn and same color. I just love it. Hope you don’t mind. ?
    How much yarn did you use?

  14. fabulous shawl… truly. and I agree completely about how great it will be with a crisp white shirt and jeans!

  15. It is so very lovely, Carole! The straight edges and versatility of this shawl make me want to knit it right now. Or, perhaps, it is the great job you did!

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