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On The Needles

The other day Kathy reminded me that Kim likes to see projects as we knit them, not just after they are finished. And so, here’s what I’m knitting these days:

Jitterbug Sock Progress blog size

Socks, of course. The yarn is Colinette Jitterbug and the pattern is my picot edge sock. There are lots of school things and meeting things these days so I expect these socks to be done very soon.

Cradle Me Blanket blog size

And a baby blanket. The yarn is Sereknity’s Verity in the color “Forest for the Trees” and the blanket is Anne Hanson’s new Cradle Me. I am really really enjoying this project!

How about you? What’s on your needles right now?

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  1. Love your pretty socks. I just looked at “my” Carole’s sock and realize one sock is finished and the other leg almost done. I really must pull myself together and work on it. You know what else I’m doing…I’ve been working on it since February. lol

  2. I LOVE project pics πŸ™‚ Both of yours are yummy. I know exactly what you mean about all that knitting time~~I took a sock with me to the High School Awards night last night, but with all the clapping didn’t even pull it out. Next time, I’m sitting in the back, lol πŸ˜‰

  3. Those lilac socks are gorgeous!!!! Wish that yarn was still available. What size needles to you use for Jitterbug? I have 2 skeins I bought for socks, but read that it is considered sport weight, so I haven’t knit it yet.

  4. I love to look at projects in progress. And I don’t usually put them up on my blog. I guess I should go and do that.

    Very pretty socks!

  5. Socks. Always socks. My copycat Caroleknits Smooshy shawl. I’m suppose to be starting a sweater with my knit group, but I need to get a baby blanket knit by Sept. Or maybe I’ll cast on for both. What the heck!

  6. For Cathy: I love Jitterbug too and recently learned the yarn is becoming more widely available again. They changed skein sizes (and I heard ownership) and that slowed things down some.

    I am finishing a comfort shawl for a friend about to have surgery and have been eyeing “Cradle Me”. No babies on the horizon (mine or otherwise), but I’ve been thinking that pattern could probably be pretty easily adapted into a stole that would be mine.

  7. I love how your “Cradle Me” is coming out. That is such a nice pattern, I may buy it for whenever my stepdaughter decides to start a family (no plans any time soon). LOL! On my needles??? Oy! I have about a dozen projects in different states of startage and finishage. Too many to list…and more yarn for which I have definite plans but am not allowing myself to begin until some of these other projects are complete. Yep…it’s fiber mayhem! πŸ™‚

  8. Love those socks! The color of the baby blanket is amazing, and I bet it’s soft as all get out πŸ™‚ I have socks going on … well, one is done & I need to cast on the second one. Also working on K’s skirt (still), really need to buckle down and finish that, especially since it’s about 10 rows from completion, LOL. An afghan for K and a cotton dishcloth round out my projects.

  9. Warshrags!!!! Don’t ask me why, but I can’t resist all the bright, garish colors Sugar & Cream comes in—especially when it’s on sale. I’m also on the home stretch on a pair of simple ribbed socks knit with some Socks That Rock. Did you have enough Jitterbug to knit your normal socks? How many yards were in the skein you are using? I have some, but have been afraid to cast on because I’ve heard that there isn’t enough yarn in a skein. (?)

  10. Beautiful sock yarn! (And you know I love the pattern, tho’ I do mine toe-up, they end up looking the same!)

  11. The baby blanket is beautiful! I will have to get that pattern as I am always looking for good baby patterns.

    And so are the socks. I’ve got some Jitterbug buried in my stash somewhere… I’ve always felt that was a perfect name for a sock yarn.

    What I am knitting: I am making great strides on the Modern Lace Henley from Knitty (has been in my UFO pile for a couple of years); I am also working on a pair of fingerless gloves (they refused to be socks) and a plain K2P2 scarf in some baby yarn. Oh so soft.

    That’s pretty much it!

  12. Beautiful! I love, love, love the sock colors. It must be a happy project to knit. And the blanket is wonderful, too!

  13. I *love* that green yarn! Gorgeous! I’m knitting the Fair Isle Cardigan (just started the second big repeat) and need to kitchener the second man sock – knit entirely while stopped in traffic or during various wait times! This sock car knitting thing has been very productive.

  14. Both projects are so pretty!!

    I’ve got the same old, same old – I’d like to start a new shawl soon!

  15. I just stumbled across the Cradle Me Baby Blanket a couple of
    days ago and thought that would be a great project. Now to
    decide on the yarn and the color! Yours is gorgeous!

  16. Those are both very nice. Love the baby blanket! I’ve got 2 socks that I hope will hit the finish line by this weekend. softball games are great for that. Que Sera is still on sleeve island and thre’s a buch of crochet preventing me from making much progress. And the 4th mitten (to make 2 complete pairs) is lingering too.

    I really want this stuff done so I can justify casting on a shiny new project.

  17. A sock, a bath mat, a shawl, a scarf – oh, you mean what am I actually apt to finish? A very colorful child’s “princess” hat, and a sock monkey that is practically pornographic in the tail area but lovably squishy. P.S. Your current sock yarn is gorgeous.

  18. Very nice. Hurry up with the baby blanket because I need to find a pattern for an upcoming beloved baby. I keep falling in love with patterns that would need to be blocked and that’s just going to happen.

  19. Right now I have a pair of socks on needles and a blanket for my daughter’s dog, Griffin.

    Like the yarn on those socks.

  20. In love with both yarns! I’ve never knit Jitterbug — have put it on the acquire list.

    Just finished the scarves so it’s back to the pile of projects sitting next to me on the couch. Lots of sock toes where I need to track down the people for fittings, then finish. Dish cloths for my dad, a piece of log cabin fabric with no particular destination, just knitting until I run out of yarn, the second dog sweater — made a mistake and had to rip nearly the whole thing, an exquisitely fancy complex cabled mitt for when I feel like brain twisters, and some gossamer reeled silk I’m crocheting into laceweight for a shawl for a friend, a pair of socks for DD, a huge pile of mending. Need to add a lace project and a bit more mindless knitting. Hmmm.

  21. On my needles are more socks! Really enjoying the little things lately. I have to try your picot edge soon.

    Jitterbug came out great.

  22. on my needles? only the big blanket and one pair of socks.. I’m a one project party right now.
    love that new baby blanket!

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