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Morning Surf Scarf

As I mentioned on Monday, I finally blocked my Morning Surf Scarf this weekend. I won’t be wearing it anytime soon, as we have had record-breaking warmth here, but it’s ready for the cold weather when it comes – a long long time from now, please.

Morning Surf Scarf 1 blog size

Anyway, I used handspun but I have no idea what it is or where I got it or when I spun it. Nothing like providing you with lots of details, huh?

Morning Surf Scarf 2 blog size

The pattern is very easy to memorize and it is definitely perfect for handspun – even handspun of the unknown variety.

Morning Surf Scarf 3 blog size

The colors are soft and pretty and they blend so nicely. I’d recommend you get some of this but – just in case you missed this point – I don’t know what it is.

Morning Surf Scarf with Daisies blog size

I do know that I love it, though, and that’s what really counts.

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  1. We never stop knitting in summer even though we can’t wear the product for several months. The scarf will bring a hint of spring flowers to a dreary fall/winter day. Beautiful!!

  2. It looks like a liquid rainbow (in yarn!). Beautiful finished project! Happy weekend.

  3. I knit a lot of scarves for other people but the colors in this scarf are beautiful. Perfect for me!! Alas, it wasn’t meant to be……… Enjoy it!

  4. Looks real pretty. I like the way the colors came together.

    I’m a good one for that – I hold on to fiber for so long I have no idea where I got it from. When I go to blog about it I can’t give much detail!

  5. Beautiful!!!!! I have that issue of “Spin Off,” but I had forgotten about that scarf. It’s chilly in the winter in my office, and I have been wanting to knit some of my orphan skeins of handspun into scarves—I should do some experimenting over the weekend and see if that pattern and my yarn are a match.

  6. WOW – what a beautiful scarf! It’s more fun when you need to bundle up that you can stay warm with something so pretty! (I live in Wisconsin—we know about cold weather, too!)

  7. The changing colors are so pretty! Now that you have finished your scarf, and I am nearly done with my heavy wool sweater, it means the summer heat will finally kick in now! YAY!

    Note to self: start knitting heavy wool garments in August, which will entitle us to a long Indian summer this fall at least. 🙂

  8. Lovely scarf. I love stuff like that where the colors change in a way that plays well with the pattern. It’ll be freat when the weather gets cold again.

  9. I must knit this scarf!! I love it and it looks so pretty next to your Gerbera(?) daisy!!

  10. I like that scarf a lot – I may try and knit it – I have some really pretty yarn that would look great…

  11. Just queued that one up at Ravelry, LOL. Love the color changes, even if you can’t remember where the fiber came from 🙂

  12. It’s the perfect blending of yarn and pattern and it’s lovely. Even if you don’t remember what it is. ;^)

  13. Ooooooooh. It’s lovely. Whatever it is.

    The temperature has dropped about 25 degrees since this time yesterday. Aaaaaaaaaaah.

    (Just getting in practice for fireworks.)

  14. Hey Carole, can you tell me where I can get some of that yarn???? ;o) (I had to say it – I get comments like that all the time!) The scarf is lovely – perfect marriage of pattern and yarn!

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