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Budding Socks

I have lilac buds.

They can be found both in the form of lilacs:

Lilac Buds resized for blog

And socks:

sock bud

Which do you think will come to full fruition first?

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  1. If it was at my house, it would be the flowers, but you’re a fast sock maker, so maybe it’ll be those lovely socks!

  2. I can’t wait to see the lilacs, but they usually mean the end of the blooming season and the start of summer. The blossoms are a little bittersweet for that reason. Your sock is going to be gorgeous!!

  3. Well, if this were me we were talking about, the socks would probably be finished sometime around NEXT lilac season. 😉

    We’ve got buds here too! It seems just a skooch early for them, no? Everything this spring seems all weird, what with the crazy weather.

  4. The socks! Cuz you are one fast sock knitter. Seems weird to have large lilac buds so early. They say they will bloom 2 weeks before they normally do.

  5. Wow, your lilacs are that far along? I have a dwarf lilac in my yard and the blooms aren’t nearly that close to blooming. And I’m much farther south than you.

  6. I think you will be neck and neck in a good race. 🙂 Wow, you guys are much further along the “spring” process than we are up here in the mountains!

  7. Oh, how I miss lilac season even if it is a short one. Brings back
    so many childhood memories!! Enjoy them. And I love your
    sock yarn. Great spring colors!! My guess is socks will be
    done first!

  8. I don’t know, but I LOVE that yarn – what is it??? We are winding down lilac season here in central Ohio and, sadly, all of ours were taken out last year when the city redid the water lines, so I had to walk a couple blocks away to bury my face in the neighbor’s lilacs (which I did at every opportunity). We have a couple Miss Kim dwarf lilacs that are just now showing buds, but they won’t bloom till June…and they don’t have much scent anyway.

    Can I say again how much I love that yarn? 😉

  9. I love the smell of lilacs but I sort of look forward to them “going by” since that means spring allergy season is over. What is the yarn…perhaps that type of lilac would be easiers on my nose!

  10. Oh, I don’t know which will bloom forst but I’m sure that they’ll both be wonderful. Such great colors in those socks.

  11. Could be a tie. Those lilacs look pretty ready, but you are one quick knitter! Can’t wait to see both.

  12. Lilacs are my favorite flower since I was little. I think maybe because they bloom around my birthday I always had that memory.

    I love the color of that sock yarn, and knowing you, you will have the socks done before you can smell the lilacs!!!

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