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Mr. Mojo Risin’

Serendipity Socks

I was looking at my project page on Ravelry the other day and was shocked to see that I am only on my 3rd pair of socks for 2010. I knew my sock production was down but I didn’t realize it was that far down! And honestly, I have no explanation as to why I haven’t been knitting socks.

Margene calls it sock mojo and I think mine left for a while there. And I think it started when I got pneumonia. I don’t know why pneumonia and sock mojo are not mutually compatible – you’d think they would be – but there you have it.

The great news is that my sock mojo appears to have returned. And the funny thing is that it has returned at a time when you would think it would have fled.

You see, I had a major set back last week on this current pair of socks.  I was knitting and knitting and ignoring that little voice in my head telling me they looked awfully small. I didn’t listen, and I plowed forward until I finally had Hannah try on the first finished sock last Saturday – only to find that she could barely get them over her instep.

Now you would think that this would discourage me from sock knitting even further but the opposite happened. I ripped them out and restarted right then and there and here I am, only a few days later, with an almost completed sock.

I am on fire with the sock knitting.

Welcome back, sock mojo. We’ve got some catching up to do.

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  1. I’m still working on my second pair of socks for the year. Has your sock mojo seen my sock mojo seen my sock mojo? If so, please ask it to come home.

  2. That’s a pretty yarn to get your mojo back with.
    I’m finishing a toe on a second sock as I read this post. I guess the mojo is out there aplenty.

  3. What a cheerful sock! And good for you for getting right back in the saddle and immediately fixing it. Play hard!

  4. Glad to see your back to the sock knitting! One can never
    have enough knitted socks!. Just curious about something.
    Are the directions for your sock pattern intended for magic
    loop method or can one use the directions with dp needles?

  5. LOL! Love your title for today. I’ll now forever link Jim Morrison and sock knitting in my mind…and that is a truly terrifying image. Love the cheerful stripes on your latest pair.

  6. Me, I keep thinking I’m just going to sell my sock yarn. Then I keep it, thinking I’ll make it into scarves or baby sweaters. That how much sock mojo I don’t have.

  7. And they are gorgeous!! I continue to waffle about sock knitting – first I think I want to knit patterned socks, and when I do, I wish I was knitting plain stockinette. So fickle!!

  8. I’m only on the second pair this year (I think) and haven’t finished the first. The first is in yucky yarn and it’s hard to make myself work on it. The second is almost done (just the hem on the picot edging).

    Sock Mojo isn’t as strong this year for me, b/c I’m not heading to SS09! 🙂
    (I also have a lot less need than you do, with three to make socks for!!!)
    LOVE the colors in your photo!

  9. Well, I certainly don’t feel bad being on my second pair of socks for 2010 … of course, they are my second pair of socks E.V.E.R. as well, LOL. Love those stripes, yummy!!

  10. Well humph, that explains it. Chest cold, thus the socks languish on their needles. Glad you’re feeling better!

    Interesting chat about the color brown in the comments over at Jatta Soheltaa’s blog, btw. In Finnish, but google translate works well enough. She’s an amazing knitter.

  11. My sock mojo has been traveling a bilt this year…and just popping in at home to say hi for a day or two and run back off. I think I will have to lasso him in the next time he shows up! I love the yarn you are using, absolutely great colors.

  12. Pass some of that mojo my way, will ya? I’ve been working on the same pair of knee socks – almost nonstop, though only on my commute – SINCE 2009. UGHGHGHGHGHGHGH.

  13. I think my mojo ran away in February and came back for about an evening – and then – smacked me down on the way outta town. I was doing waffle weave pattern and was on my second sock – turned that heel and feeling the mojor love – picked up the stitches and promptly started knitting the foot/instep in plain stockinette. Litterally flew through that food and then – Duh. Check the first sock dummy – you continued waffle patten through entire sock. Bad mojo.

  14. I guess we all loose our knitting mojo some time 😉
    Love the colours on the sock!
    Have a great weekend 🙂

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