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Lilacs vs. Socks

lilac buds and blooms resized for blog

The lilacs are growing.

lilac socks progress resized for blog

But so are the socks.

I never thought I’d beat the lilacs but I just might do it.

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  1. I’m sure you’ll have them done by the end of the day. 🙂 So weird that the lilacs are blooming in April. They are one of my favorite flowers. Such a heady fragrance too.

  2. I know you will! I was so inspired, I broke down and bought some lilac colored sock yarn from Birds Nest Yarn on Etsy. It’s gorgeous. And I live near the arboretum, so I can celebrate Lilac Sunday!

  3. Yes you will! I could bet ……..ah, whatever! Lilacs look to
    pretty and your socks are lovely also. I can smell the lilacs now!!

  4. I knew you would beat the lilacs. I like the green on the heel. One of my favorite combinations is purple and green together (ha – I’m wearing that combo today as luck would have it).

  5. My lilacs are about where yours are, but I’m not making socks to go with ; ) I walked to the library yesterday evening and the whole neighborhood smells like crabapple blossoms.

  6. They are both lovely, but the lilacs make me a bit homesick for my childhood home. We had lilacs all along the back fence, and every year a bunch went to a favorite teacher.

  7. And both are gorgeous! Two of my neighbors had lilacs and both have cut them down over the last few years…it breaks my heart because I absolutely loved them.

  8. Pretty socks! I just got a whiff of a lilac bush yesterday. They are blooming around these parts.

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