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Lilac Socks For The Win

I finished my lilac socks over a week ago and, while I’m just posting them now, I did manage to beat the lilacs. Don’t believe me?

Lilac Socks Proof blog size

I have proof! You can clearly see 2 finished toes in that photo right there. I took it on 4/30/2010, the morning I finished the socks.

Lilac Socks 1 blog size

I love this yarn as it was dyed in honor of my Eye Candy Friday posts. Sadly, it’s no longer available for those of you wishing to purchase it.

Lilac Socks Heels blog size

You’ll just have to be envious of my green heels.

Lilac Sock Toes blog size

And green toes.

There’s no reason to be envious of my lilacs, though.

Dead Lilacs blog size

They have gone by until next year.

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  1. Lilac fade so quickly…at least socks last longer!! Love this pair with the fun colors. You do such a lovely job of knitting.

  2. Perfect spring socks! Every spring bloom plant seems to be done blooming. I can only hope my peonies last a bit longer!

  3. Gorgeous … and I had faith that you could do it 🙂 Now, when you want a breath of spring lilacs, all you’ll have to do is pull on your lilac socks!! WIN – WIN!

  4. Very pretty! With all the wonderful socks you have, have you considered buying the clear converse sneakers?

  5. And envious I am of your green heels and toes. Such beautiful socks! 🙂 Our lilacs are gone, too…sad, heavy sigh… Lucky for me, I have a jar candle that has an almost true to nature lilac scent…but it’s not quite the same.

  6. Your knitting is lovely and I love the green touch for the heels
    and toes!! They are so pretty!!

  7. The socks are darling, purples and greens are my favorite colours. I must be quite a bit further north than you, the buds (leaves) haven’t open on my lilac bushes yet.

  8. I am green with envy. They came out great.

    With all the cold weather it’s a wonder the lilacs ever bloomed!

    Enjoy your socks.

  9. Your Lilac socks turned out really beautiful!! I’m keeping my eyes open for something similar, somewhere!! Our lilacs in Wisconsin are just beginning—I love them!

    Question—I’ve only made socks for myself, CO 64, and they fit great. Now I want to make socks for my daughter, she has size 10 feet. I’ve read several different ways to measure to figure the number to cast on. Our leg measurement is about the same, but at the widest part of her foot it’s 9″ (mine is 8 1/2). How do you measure to get the right number for CO? I will have her pull it on (I use 2 circs) to make sure of things as I go along, but …. I’m a slow knitter, and I want these to fit when I get done!!! Any help would be greatly appreciated, and I know you are excellent at answering your emails!! Thank you!!!

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