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Happy Anniversary, Baby

This morning Dale woke me up saying, “13 years ago today I married my soul mate.” I told him that was pretty convenient because I did, too.


Yes, it is our 13th wedding anniversary. There won’t be much special celebrating today, though, since I have to go to Town Meeting tonight and Dale has a Boy Scout meeting. We celebrated over the weekend, though. We had a lovely dinner out at Solstice on Saturday night and yesterday we did a bit of shoe shopping (always good in my world) and then had a late lunch with Hannah. She peppered us with questions about how we met, when we started dating, when we first kissed, and how we knew we wanted to get married. It was fun to relive those times with my little girl, especially since she was so young back then that she doesn’t remember any of it.


I remember it all, though, and it was a happy and exciting time. And sure, it’s not as exciting now that we’ve settled into a comfortable married life. But it’s better because now it’s solid and lasting. We still do exciting and romantic things like dancing in the kitchen and making out in the car but it’s the daily routines, the rides to work together, the cleaning up the kitchen together, the laundry and the cooking and the passing of seasons that have turned us into a happily married couple.


I guess that’s just what happens when you marry your soul mate.

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