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Jimmy Buffett Concert v4.0

Saturday was my 4th time seeing Jimmy Buffett and it was just as good as ever. The concert may have even been the best one yet. But we all know that a Buffett show isn’t just about the concert – it’s about the tailgating.

great woods lot year 4 blog size

The parking lot was crowded with canopies and tables and all kinds of Parrothead set ups.

tailgate set up year 4 blog size

We have expanded our little set up each year and now have a box of Buffett Decorations set aside.

Dale with shark blog size

Even with the shark and the flamingos and the grill it still is pretty tame compared to some of the set ups we see.

parking lot neighbors blog size

We made friends with our parking lot neighbors – jello shots are great for that. We played some games, shared some food and bonded over our love for Jimmy Buffett.

ice on lg blog size

And then I walked into the grill and burned my leg. Whoops. A bit of ice and some more tequila put me right back into the groove, though.

It was over all too soon and time to head home. Just like Santa Claus, though, Jimmy will be back next year.

Dale with drink blog size


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  1. Fun, fun, fun! Sorry to hear about the burn though. I don’t follow Jimmy Buffett’s music much. Does he introduce new songs each year?

  2. Wow, Jimmy Buffet…we were just commenting yesterday, while at the beach, the oil spill gives new meaning to his line, ‘all of those tourists, covered in oil.’

  3. Our toes are twins! Truly.
    Glad that you got to see Buffet again, and it sure looks like you and Dale fit right in to all those festivities in the parking lot. Long live the Buffet.
    So sorry to hear about your burn – hopefully the doc will give you some of that marvelous burn cream to salve it….

  4. Um…wow…Jimmy Buffet concerts have changed a little (lot!) since the last one I saw in about 1983. It was a memorably horrible experience because of all the drunk-to-sickness people around us, but I’ve always loved his music, especially the little known songs like Floridays, Creola, and Bring Back the Magic.

    Glad you and Dale had a good time!!!

  5. Injuries aside, sounds like a fabulous time! Hopefully next year we can join you 🙂 Love the shot of Dale & his cigar.

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