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A Happy Encounter

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Last Friday Dale and I had plans to meet his brother, Randy, in Plymouth to go striper fishing on Randy’s boat. That’s not what this post is about, though. It’s about what happened while we were waiting for Randy and the boat to show up.

Dale went off in search of a public rest room and I sat down at a picnic table by the boat ramp. I pulled out my sock in progress and began knitting away, while taking in the scenery. There was a lady sitting on a bench nearby and she was reading a book. There were boats coming and going and people walking around. But the lady on the bench kept glancing over at me. I figured she was just curious about my knitting so I smiled at her. And then she said, “Are you from Carver?” So I told her that I work in Carver. And then she said, “At the library?” And I said yes. I waited for her to say that she was a library patron but instead she said, “You’re Carole, right? I sort of know you. I read your blog.”

Now I have occasionally been recognized because of this here blog but only at sheep & wool festivals – never out in the “real” world so this was definitely a surprise to me. It was a happy surprise, though. We started chatting and she told me that she’s not a knitter but her sister, who lives in California, is and that it was her sister who told her to read my blog. Imagine that? Someone in California was reading my blog and realized that I must live near Plymouth so she told her sister, who does live in Plymouth, that she should read my blog, too. Turns out that she and her family are big fans of Dale’s band, too. It’s a small world, I can tell you that.

So “hi” to Judy in Plymouth! And “hi” to Linda in California! Thanks for reading!

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  1. I just love the way life presents you with these type of coincidences! It just seems to open your world and bring people closer together!

  2. I really believe in the that saying “six degrees of separation”.
    That is a fun story!

  3. It is a small world. And look at just one way you and Dale have brightened the lives of “strangers.” Brava!

  4. Isn’t that cool!? I was recognized at Maddy’s college orientation by the knitting/blogging mother of another incoming freshman. Ca-RAZY cool!

  5. Please tell me she got the book from the Plymouth Public Library! Small world, just goes to show that we should always behave in public becuase you never know…aaaahhhhh, my mother was right after all!

  6. How cool is that?! What a wonderful, crazy, interconnected world we live in 🙂 I *knew* you were at least as famous as Dale 😉 LOL

  7. That is a very cool occurrence. A woman came up to me in a gas station once and asked if I was Margene. Thankfully her husband was there and helped me remove my very hard to undo gas cap. It is a small world.

  8. Do you find it slightly odd when that happens? I had it happen twice in one week right before Christmas. Of course I was in harried, “getting ready to have 10 in-laws over” mode and was sans make-up and decent hair too so perhaps that was the contributor for the “odd” feelings…

  9. I am alway awed by people.what a small now you really are a celeb!!

  10. What a wonderful story! If I’m ever up that way, I’ll be looking for you. Of course, you’ll probably walk right past me and I won’t know you. I once chatted with Vince Gill for 20 minutes and had no clue who he was. LOL!

  11. That’s neat Carole! You’re blog is so interesting, I am not surprised that non-knitter’s enjoy it too!!

  12. Thanks for mentioning us in your blog, it made us feel special!

  13. spookey how its truly that small a world.
    and at the same time its wonderful that knitting is reconnecting the world we live in 😉

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