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At the Farmer’s Market

Last weekend Dale and the Duds (yes, they finally have a website) played at the Farmer’s Market in Carver.

Farmers Market blog size

The music was wonderful and the produce and flowers were abundant.

Farmers Market Flowers blog size

I strolled about and took some photos.

Farmers Market Squash blog size

Of vegetables.

Farmers Market Sunflowers blog size

And sunflowers.

Farmers Market Dale blog size

Of lead singers.

Farmers Market Randy blog size

And guitar players.

Farmers Market More Flowers blog size

We ended the afternoon with a pizza party at the home of some dear friends. It was a wonderful Sunday!

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  1. I usually hate spelling errors but ‘zucunni’ looks so cute on a post-it! Looks like a wonderful market and hard to resist with such a great band playing!

  2. Gosh… Dale is kind of a rock star.

    Hey, I had to spell check zucchini the other day — tried to get it three times before I gave up.

  3. It’s Zukes – as is “Gad-Zukes” (which is what I said when I saw the size of the ones in my garden. LOL!

    Love the band website – being together since 1972, they do have a wealth of great photos to choose from, don’t they? I just put together a FB fan page for one of Pete’s bands. The guys in the other (main) band are all technologically challenged and haven’t figured out the importance of social media. Luckily and amazingly, this is the band that gets all the gigs. 🙂

  4. Great pictures. It looks like a great market – even with the speling errors. I stopped and looked at that one for a while.

  5. Great pix! I think Dale should wear a flower in his hair. Or maybe a zucchini.

    The blanket is lovely. (Doing two posts with one comment here.)

  6. What fun! Is that where you got the blueberries?

    I love Dale’s web site! It looks like the band has a full summer schedule. The photos are great! It looks like they have a ton of fun.

  7. A farmer’s market with shade — what a concept! Every one in our area seems to be held in a parking lot.

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