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Ten on Tuesday

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Sometimes I watch too much TV. Now granted, it’s very rare that I’m just watching TV as I’m usually also knitting or spinning or flipping through a magazine. But still. It’s a lot of TV at times. And I bet those of you with kids at home for the summer are getting tired of the TV being on all day.Ā  I’m hoping we will all be inspired by this week’s topic: 10 Things to Do Instead of Watching TV.

  1. Knit something complicated. Sock knitting is perfect for watching TV but shawl knitting or a complex cabled sweater pattern or some color work would be entertaining enough without the TV on as background noise.
  2. Read a book. Duh.
  3. Go outside and water the plants. Or pull some weeds. Or sit on the deck. Just go outside!
  4. Go for a bike ride. Dale just got a snazzy new bike (pictures coming soon) and he’s chomping at the bit for me to ride with him.
  5. Bake. Sure, it’s hot this time of year but some home baked goodies would be a welcome treat. And it takes less than an hour to whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookies.
  6. Play a game. We always do this on vacation but we should really do it more at home, too. Cards, Apples to Apples, Catch Phrase are just some of our favorites.
  7. Grab your camera and take some photos. You never know what will inspire you once you have the camera in your hand.
  8. Go to the library. This goes hand in hand with #2 but there may be things going on at your library like lectures and book clubs and special events. Take advantage of this stuff because it’s free!
  9. Write. It can be a diary entry or a blog post or a letter or a list but whatever it is, writing is good for your brain.
  10. Participate in an adult activity with your partner. Yeah, that one. Doing it yourself is way better than watching other people do it on TV.

So let’s turn off those TVs and have some fun!

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  1. Except for playing games, my list is similar, particularly the stuff about getting outside. And your #10 was on my list but got bumped — don’t tell the hubby.

  2. Love your list and agreed with all but 2. Especially love #5 and
    #9. Just wrote on my FB page that dealing with 100+ temp. over
    this past weekend was to bake my favorite comfort cookies-c.c.!
    Writing letters and notes sadly is a thing of the past for most
    people but we need to do keep it alive!! Great list!!

  3. We haven’t had TV for 8 years – and although my kids HATE that, I love it! Some fun things I’ve found include: canning/freezing, dyeing wool, scouring wool (OK that’s not fun, but it is a skill I need to learn and really is best done in summer), cardmaking or beading (getting ready for those holidays!), outdoor concerts and fairs – to name a few.

  4. I love your list! I didn’t have a tv for a long time, and I’m still not quite used (or into) having one in the house. Alas, sports sing their siren song to Neal! Thanks for a great topic!

  5. Good advice. It’s been hot for knitting, though. Better for rereading all “The Girl With The….” trio, Harry Potter and Daniel Silva. Silva is going to be at the Brookline Booksmith this weekend!

  6. Our lists are surprisingly similar, and our TV is probably only on about ten hours a week. And even when it’s on, I’m always doing something else while watching – if I don’t, I’m asleep in 15 minutes.

  7. Great list with lot’s of similarities. I thought about my list while watching a show that I won’t admit to. Proof positive that I watch way too much tv.

    Number 10 cracked me up. Reminded me of our ride to MDS&W.

  8. good list – and I agree, there is lots to do without TV (since I haven’t had cable or regular TV hookup in so many years I cannot recall… also, didn’t raise my girls with it!). I confess to putting on a movie with the DVD player some evenings, but mostly just listen to pandora streaming music and knit or spin.

  9. Thinking about television has made me even more grateful for my rehearsal schedule. I really am out of the house or otherwise occupied from about 5-6 a.m. to 11 p.m. No room for TV watching there!

    (I wonder how many people won’t have #2 on their list.)

  10. Love your list and I’d add walk around the neighborhood, garden (we do this often!), and gathering with friends. I’d love to gather around with you and a few other friends for tea and knitting!

  11. Your list is very comprehensive. And while #10 is exercise, I’d add a more formal exercise to the list. I’m in my mid-forties and have neglected strength training for years. Big mistake. Summer is a great time to squeeze in a little weight training into the knitting, gardening, playing with the man activity line-up.

  12. Heheheh, I’m smiling at Jill’s comment… I just took that “real age” quiz last night and really need to focus more on strength training and flexibility… and thinking that all of those things COULD be incorporated, with a little effort (or maybe not), into #10 as exercise.

    Great list, Carole!! It’s all a balancing act, isn’t it?

  13. Great list, Carole. I sometimes find myself keeping the tv on as background noise. When I realize it, I turn it off, but I could stand to pay closer attention because I do so love some quiet time!

  14. We haven’t had a TV for years and years so your list sounds like our normal life. Add in swimming laps at the municipal pool, having supper with friends, picnics at the beach, and my not-so-favorite-but-good-for-us activity of walking a few miles of laps in the neighborhood with DH (he uses hand weights) late at night before we turn in. Games? Backgammon, chess, and UNO.

  15. Many lists are similar, we all know exactly how we can spend time without a TV it seems. And many of us have listed, talk to a friend, family member etc. Good point.
    And I love your #10.

  16. Great list! I wish I could bake cookies in the summer … but since I can’t stand the heat, I stay out of the kitchen.

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