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Early Evening at the Beach

My favorite time of day at the beach is late afternoon. The sun is low in the sky and all of the day-trippers have gone home. It’s the perfect time for a glass of wine, some cheese and crackers, and a late day swim.

I only got to spend one late afternoon at the beach last week and it was lovely. Just Dale and I with a margarita (or two) and a swim in the balmy waves. It was probably my favorite hour of the whole week.

There was an evening, though, where we rode our bikes to the beach. We had eaten a late lunch and decided to all take a ride together. The light was gorgeous and I was so glad I had tossed the camera into the basket of my bike.

I was able to get a good photo of everyone.

Hannah Mashpee Beach blog size

Hannah on her bike.

Jess Mashpee Beach blog size

And Jess grinning.

Patrick Mashpee Beach blog size

Patrick with his long hair getting blown around.

Jess and Hannah Mashpee Beach Surf blog size

And Hannah and Jess by the shore.

Dale and Carole Mashpee Beach blog size

I even thought to have Hannah take a picture of Dale and I.

Family portraits at the beach are a very good thing.

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  1. Seeing a picture of you with the sea is as the backdrop is just what I needed. It’s wonderful to see you all looking so happy!

  2. Beyond beautiful — and especially glad to see a photo of you so happy. Look at that wonderful life you’ve built!

  3. Carole: What wonderful pictures…I love seeing everything you do. And the one of you and Dale is perfect! That should be your holiday card picture this year!

  4. Love that picture of Hannah, wonderful 🙂 You always take great pictures, but I think that one might be my favorite of Hannah!

  5. I agree! I love the late afternoon to early evening. Most people clear out to get ready for dinner and you have the beach to yourself. I love the peace and quiet at that time of day.

    Beautiful family pictures too!

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