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South Cape Beach Socks

One day at the beach last week I finished a pair of socks.

South Cape Beach Socks on chair blog size

I immediately put them on my beach chair and took a photo.

The shadows are a little harsh in that picture, though, so I looked around for another – better – spot.

South Cape Beach Lifeguard Chair blog size

I spied this lifeguard chair and decided to pose my socks right there. Sure, I may have gotten some strange looks from other beach goers but if strange looks bothered me I wouldn’t be walking around with Dale. (hahaha, I couldn’t resist.)

South Cape Beach socks on lifeguard stand 1 blog size

Anyway, the chair was a great spot to show off the socks. The white wood and blue ocean really make the green and blues of the sock yarn pop.

South Cape Beach Socks waves in background blog size

Which made me realize that eliminating the chair and holding the socks up with the ocean as the only backdrop would also work.

You know the pattern, the yarn is Yarn Pirate in the color Cassiopeia.

South Cape Beach socks on lifeguard stand 2 blog size

But in my heart they will always be called my South Cape Beach Socks.

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  1. Beautiful – love the colors. What a nice reminder of summer- so sad to see summer coming to an end.

  2. Your simple. elegant socks really show off the yarn. The color is perfect for beach knitting and photos! Did you work on anything else?

  3. Love the colors, love the stripes! And you really made me laugh when you mentioned Dale. We tease each other here, too, and it makes life a lot of fun. 🙂

  4. Gorgeous … both the socks & the scenery. Love love love the comment about Dale … good thing he’s got a great sense of humor 😉 Shawn is still chuckling over it, hehe!

  5. What a great colorway to work on at the beach! I love finishing a project on vacation. I’m stuck in several projects right now – blasted work!

  6. Absolutely gorgeous. As a rule I am not a fan of self-striping yarn, as you know, but I may need some of that. (If you think you see a pattern taking shape in my head, you are correct.)

  7. They’re gorgeous, and they look great on that white chair…. now, if you could only have gotten them onto some young svelte thing (male or female) that was sitting IN the chair…

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