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Number Nine

I finished a pair of socks last weekend and they are my ninth pair for 2010.  That’s about half of my intended goal for the year and I’m not really sure why. I’m still knitting socks constantly, it seems. And yet, production is way down.

State Fair Socks blog size

It could be that my sock drawer is overflowing and it’s hard to get motivated when there isn’t enough room to add another pair of socks.

State Fair Socks Folded blog size

Or it could be that I’ve knit more sweaters and mittens and shawls this year.

State Fair Socks with Leaf blog size

Or, if I’m being completely honest,  it could be Bejeweled.

Either way, I’ve finally got a pair of lovely new socks (the pattern is mine and the yarn is Emily’s) and they are mine all mine.

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  1. Great socks! I was thinking it was the beautiful shawl knitting that kept your sock production down until you confessed about Bejeweled. 🙂 My brother turned me on to that the other day and I can see how it is easy to get hooked.

  2. Beautiful blue for a cloudy winter’s day! I’ve got a personal rule about computer games – nothing after 7 pm. Have a wonderful Thursday, Carole!

  3. Oh Bejeweled! I’ve lost a great portion of my knitting time this year to Angry Birds, Helsing’s Fire, and Words with Friends.

  4. Yeah, bejeweled, meh. I’ve lost many a moment of my life to that game! You’ve still got the right to blame it on your generous soul, knitting shawls for brides and maids 🙂 And teaching a special friend to knit, that had to take up at least one pair of socks’ time, right? 😉

  5. Yeah, you were working on shawls and getting your daughter to college! The socks are fabulous. And I meant to say that JessaLu’s wedding photos are just lovely.

  6. Your photo and blogging productivity alone would be enough to slow down less talented souls – and your knit output has been phenomenal if not necessarily in the sock department. BTW – don’t even try Mah Jong Dimensions – it’s like crack for free online gamers. Not that I would know – just sayin.

  7. Love the socks. Those beautiful shawls had to eat into sock knitting time, I’m sure.

    Hey, Carole, I have a fix for you! I emptied out a drawer of seldom used things and put them in a plastic box on the top closet shelf. Now I have TWO sock drawers, arranged by colors. Go for it!

  8. “Just one more game”…that’s what I say when I’m playing Bejeweled! How do these people hit 500,000??? I’m happy if I get over 100,000!

  9. Ah, yes, Bejewelled….many a knitting moment has been wasted there by me! I agree though, that even with that diversion, your output has been substantial. You have beat mine by a lot.

  10. Lovely socks.

    I hear ya. It’s hard to be motivated to knit socks when you have loads already and the computer games can be such a fun time suck.

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