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Project 365

I’ve been doing pretty well with my Project 365 on flickr. Some days I am inspired and have really nice photos. And some days I’m left cold and without ideas and wind up with a barely passable photo.

I don’t know if my skills have improved but it has gotten easier to take a photo a day. The thing is, many of those photos never show up here on the blog. So today, given that I have nothing else to talk about, I thought I’d show you some recent photos. Mmmmkay?

Cupcake Wine blog size

A bottle of wine.

Jack's Service blog size

My father-in-law diagnosing a problem with our car.

Tipi blog size

A teepee in our back yard. This probably deserves it’s own blog post but you’ll just have to wait.

Birthday Cupcakes blog size

A box of cupcakes.

I Shot An Arrow In The Air blog size

Dale shooting his bow.

Gettysburg Quilt blog size

And my favorite quilt.

My photos make me happy.

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  1. Great photos! And yes I can’t wait for your post on the teepee. (so you changed the spelling I see -mwah)

  2. Cupcake Sauvignon Blanc has been my wine all summer. LOVE. I really like the shot of Dale and the bow. Very Robin Hood.

  3. The cupcakes go so nicely with the wine! As usual, I’m a day behind, but glad to see Hannah doing so well. I never doubted it.

  4. Love the photos, thanks for sharing. The quilt is amazing! I’m waiting until my sewing room (upstairs) cools off and then I’m going to try making some baby quilts this fall and winter. I can’t wait!

  5. I have to ask if the Cupcakes are from a little place in Mashpee (maybe Mashpee Commons) on the Cape? We visited the Cape the week after you were there, and I recognize the one on the bottom left with the cookie in it! They were sooooo good!
    I enjoy reading your blog! Kirsty.

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