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Guess Where We Went?

Yeah, we did it again. We spent Saturday evening in Plymouth.

Plymouth Beach blog size

We didn’t intend to but when friends suggested we meet them for drinks to watch the sunset over Plymouth Beach, well, I couldn’t resist.

Plymouth Beach 2 blog size

Of course, the sun was setting behind us so we couldn’t actually see it but we had drinks and music and good friends.

What more could you need?

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  1. I don’t think you could ask for more. Envy isn’t something I indulge in often, but I do envy you your frequent ocean visits!

  2. Ahh, but if it’s anything like the sunrises and sunsets on a sweet little bay in Maine it doesn’t matter which direction you look in. My husband laughs at how early I wake up in Maine sometimes. In truth it is to watch the whole neighborhood bathed in pink/golden light from the rising sun. So too is often the case at sunset if the clouds are just right. Cherish the evening!

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