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Ten On Tuesday

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We’ve been doing a lot of riding in the car lately. On Friday we drove 2 hours to pick up Hannah at school and then (naturally) 2 hours back home. On Sunday we drove 3 hours to go to JessaLu’s wedding (fabulous, of course) and then on Monday we drove back home. This coming weekend we will be driving out to Rhinebeck and that’s even more time in the car. All of this inspired this week’s Ten on Tuesday topic : 10 Ways to Have Fun on Long  Car Rides.

  1. Have a reliable car. Nothing ruins a road trip like having car troubles!
  2. Knit. I usually knit something simple like socks so that I can still keep an eye on the scenery.
  3. Listen to music. Playlists are great for long car rides.
  4. Or listen to an audiobook. This only works if you can refrain from talking to the other people in the car.
  5. Play the license plate game.
  6. Chat with your car mates. Politics and religion always keep things lively!
  7. Snack on something delicious. Pretzel Combos are sort of disgusting but I love them on a road trip – the only time I let myself eat them.
  8. Play handheld games. I have several on my iPhone and I can mostly do this without getting carsick.
  9. Quote favorite movie lines. This one can go on for a long time if you’re a movie buff.
  10. Stare out the window. This one may not be as fun as the others but I have to admit it’s probably the one I do the most.

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  1. I can no longer read during long car rides. Makes me dizzy. Long cars are perfect for great conversations with the hubby and it helps him stay awake, plus sooo much knitting time. I really look forward to them for that.

  2. I don’t know if this will help anyone, but I got over motion sickness in cars by having both fresh air (not necessarily the windows opened constantly, but at least taking the time every hour or so to put them open) and drinking something high in both sugars and vitamin C, usually grape juice. I used to do the car travel a lot when I was little and this was the only way to make it so I could quietly entertain myself in the backseat without making myself feel sick.

  3. we take the cards from Trivial Pursuit and each person answers the questions on one card and we keep track of correct answers. the first perosn with 8 correct answers wins. fun competiton and makes the miles go quickly.

  4. Love road trips. My guy likes to drive and enjoy the view. Not a big talker, this one. So I always have an audio book and my knitting. Another thing I love about road trips are the naps! I always arrive well rested with my road weary husband!

  5. My family traveled all over the country when I was a kid. Mom was great at figuring out how to keep 6 kids of all ages busy. We had fun with the license plate game and the alphabet game. Mom also had workbooks for us. As an adult we’ve added audio books if the ride is long and of course I can’t help but knit up a storm. Great subject, Carole!

  6. Funny, I eat Combos on road trips. Its the only time I ever buy them, too!
    I like to take my knitting along as well. I’ve had several people over the years say to me, “Isn’t it dangerous to knit while your riding in the car? If you were in an accident, you could poke yourself with the needles!” Yeah and as heavy as my purse is sometimes, it could make a nasty knot on my head or worse! I like “livin’ on the edge”….knitting while riding in the car is just too fun!!

  7. I’ll be the one in the driver’s seat as my friend and I head to Rhinebeck! I’m just thrilled to spend time with her because we can’t get to do it too often! Hope to see you at Rhinebeck and to say hello!

  8. #7. I never eat them either, but I bought a bag of pretzel combos for our 4-hr ride home from Maine in Sunday, and they were delicious!

  9. How could I have forgotten special car treats on my list?! Our special treats are Pringles and Pop Tarts. I like the idea of Combos though and may add them to the list. 🙂

  10. Excellent list. Except I’m usually the driver so I don’t get to play 🙁 It was really excellent seeing you at the wedding this weekend. I really enjoyed being able to sit and chat for a change!

  11. Great list. I find that I get lot’s of snacks for long car rides and then I never eat them. I’m always saving them for later. Weird.

    Hope that your ride this weekend is a good one. See you soon!

  12. #1 is indeed top on the list! We don’t rent for 2-3 hours drives, but sometimes when we drive to Minnesota or Iowa (12-16 hour drives) we’ll rent a car. It still comes in cheaper than both of us flying.

  13. Number 1 is definitely a must, never thought to list that. We blew a tire once on a highway and it was scary. Yes, everyone stay safe!

  14. #1 is my favorite. I wouldn’t have ever thought of it, but while it may not be fun in itself it’s definitely a prerequisite. I would even say *the* prerequisite. (Our van broke down on the way to Rangeley two years ago. Luckily our sense of humor remained in good working order.)

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