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Rhinebeck 2010

Like Ruth, I wasn’t planning on going to Rhinebeck this year. Sharon told me months ago she wasn’t going. And then I forgot to book a hotel room. And then I heard the rooms were sold out. I knew that several of my friends had decided to opt out this year and it just didn’t seem worth the travel time and money to go so I spread the word that I wasn’t going.

And then I got sad just thinking about not being there. And then I talked to Hillary and realized that she would be there and that if I didn’t go I would miss seeing her a lot. And I wanted to see the newlyweds again. And then Dale said, “let’s go!” So I called the hotel and go the last room available and we went. It was quick because of other commitments but it was worth it.

Famous Rhinebeck Tree blog size

The foliage was incredible this year. Truly, it was breathtaking. The drive through Hyde Park was amazing and the trees at the fairgrounds did not disappoint.

Rhinebeck Tents blog size

It was crowded but not as crowded as it was on Saturday, I’m sure. I mostly shopped with JessaLu and I bumped into lots of people and spent a fair amount of time talking with Laurie, Monica, Kim, Maryse, Manise and Vanessa.

Rhinebeck Pretzels blog size

I stood in the shortest line I’ve ever seen for the artichokes french and Dale had fried pickles. We didn’t try the pretzels but they looked and smelled wonderful.

Rhinebeck Yarn blog size

There was shopping, of course, but I only bought 2 4oz braids of Into the Whirled and some cashmere/merino/silk from a vendor that had lots of shiny beads but whose name I can’t recall.

Rhinebeck Curly Sheep blog size

And there were sheep. Lots of beautiful, smelly, woolly sheep. It wouldn’t be a sheep and wool festival without them.

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  1. Sigh. Some day I’ll get to attend Rhinebeck. I’m working on getting my guy on board for Sock Summit. That’s closer to home. I’ve yet to attend a fiber event. Pathetic much?

  2. Why does nothing good fiberwise happen in the midwest!!?? It is either the east coast or west coast. Sigh, another event I missed.

  3. I opted out of Rhinebeck again this year. I missed last year due to being sick, but this year – as much as I wanted to go – it just wasn’t in the cards. I am going to the New England Fiber Festival at the Big E in a few weeks so I’m excited about that.

    You can’t beat the foliage at this time of the year in upper NY. Just beautiful! Glad you had a fun time!

  4. Oh it is a nice year for foliage – I’ll bet the trip was beautiful. Got to get my butt up there one of these days!

  5. I dream of Rhinebeck. Maybe next year… Actually, now that my husband has been to a “fiber festival” he just might insist on next year. LOL and fingers crossed!

  6. Carole, your pictures knock my eyes out they’re so beautiful. You picked a good day to go with smaller crowds, but still seeing so many friends. Thank you for sharing Rhinebeck while you were there!

  7. Oh, you’re too kind. It was so good to see you and Dale again. I’m so happy that you decided to go. I loved seeing everyone else too but it wouldn’t have been the same without you.

    Your pictures are gorgeous. I think that I was so mesmerized by the fabulous colors that I forgot to take many pictures.

  8. Some day, I’m going to go. Really.

    That last picture of the giggling sheep makes me happy.

    I’m glad that you had a great time.

  9. And it was good to get to see you there. Seeing all the people I never (or rarely) get to see otherwise is the best part about Rhinebeck.

  10. Sunday was so much more pleasant in terms of crowds and weather. I’m bummed I didn’t bump into you and Dale, but I’m glad you went and had a good time!

  11. Oak Grove? Those dichroic things in beautiful shapes and colors? Front stall in one of the barns?

    I’m glad you decided to join the festivities! Must have a yearly artichoke. I thought there would be no one I knew there. Ha.

  12. I will get to Rhinebeck. I will get to Rhinebeck. Hey, I figure if I say it often enough, it’ll come true 🙂 Love, love, love the round orangey tree! Gorgeous colors this year. I didn’t know sheep got perms!!

  13. So glad you and Dale got to come after all! Rhinebeck isn’t the same without you. Laurie is right- the vendor was Oak Grove. Building #31. That’s where I got my Gemini skeins from. Her beads caught my magpie eye too.

  14. nothing quite as fun as an outdoor fiber fair in the fall.. love it. and so glad that Dale and you got to go! 😉
    I missed the OFFF out here this year (sad face) Maybe next year.

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