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SPA 2011

As always, SPA was a wonderful experience. As always, I took very few photos.

There’s this one of Sharon with our wheels on Thursday when there was no one around.

And there’s this one of Sharon and Manise drinking tequila.

And there’s this one of Manise’s handspun.

That’s it.

I don’t have pictures of all the laughing and the talking and the joking. I don’t have pictures of the knitting and spinning and shopping. I don’t even have pictures of all the eating and drinking and hanging out.

What I do have, though, are the memories. And those are, no doubt, the best thing of all.

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  1. I tell myself that absence of photos means I was too busy having fun to think about taking pictures… and looks like your SPA was one of those times, too! love that handspun (ooohh, the colors!). and the tequila 🙂

  2. I agree that the memories are the best thing. Sometimes pictures get in the way of making those memories. Glad you had so much fun!

  3. I have it on good authority you have several pictures of the drinks you imbibed in, which translates to the fun you had!!

  4. Thank you for sharing! I’m always jealous about SPA weekend…Next year I’m going to have my own stay-at-home SPA weekend.
    And they shall call it “UN-SPA” Take that!

  5. Such fun! I’m glad you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in something you love. Think of the impact it would have if we all followed your lead. I love how well you live with passion!

  6. The handspun is gorgeous. And I second the thought that if you’re not taking pictures it’s because you’re having too much fun.

  7. Definitely better that you were too busy having fun and making memories to take many pictures! So glad you all had fun 🙂

  8. It sounds like a wonderful time with wonderful friends. I’d much rather enjoy the moment than have the pictures to look at afterwards. 🙂

  9. It was the best time salt and peppered with laughter and hilarity! Such a treat! Thanks for taking the niddy photos for me too. 🙂

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