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I Made Yarn!

If there’s one thing I can count on every year it’s that SPA will inspire me to spin. This year it inspired me to spin a lot. Not only did I spin for the 3 days of SPA but I continued to spin a bit every day after I got home. Yay me!

I calculated that while at SPA I spun 12 oz. I finished a 4 oz bag of Hello Yarn that I had started at home, I started and finished another 4 oz bag of Hello Yarn, I started and finished 4 oz of BFL/silk from Sereknity that I purchased at SPA, and I spun 2 oz out of 8 oz of Targhee that I bought from Spunky Eclectic while at SPA.

The remaining 8 oz of Targhee have been spun but not plied but everything else is plied, soaked, thwacked and skeined.

Hello Yarn Fiber Club Sept 09
Finn in the color Winter Storage
210 Yards

Hello Yarn Fiber Club Nov 09
Rambouillet in the color Pallid
264 yards

Sereknity BFL/Silk
225 yards

They are all in the worsted weight range.

And they are all labeled.

Be impressed.

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  1. Very impressed! It’s amazing how much one can get done in the company of others trying to achieve the same. The colors are beautiful. Pallid and Winter Storage are among my favorite HY colorways and Heather’s BFL/Silk is gorgeous.

  2. Thwacked? I’m not a spinner and I had no idea that was one of the steps. It’s all very beautiful.Plans??

  3. Wow! That’s some serious spinning! Love the way they turned out. Any plans for them yet?

  4. I am so impressed! I thought I would take up spinning after the last of
    6 went to college. Well that didn’t work out as 4 of them followed us down
    here to NC and now I have 12 grandchildren!! I am so envious of you and
    I love the colors, your great spinning and yay for you finishing all that you
    have done!!

  5. Beyond impressed. Maybe even a little shade of Envy Green. Beautiful work, Carole!

  6. Love the colors! You’ve been a busy little spinner, haven’t you … never knew spinning vocab was so colorful – thwacking? Hehehe!

  7. Beautiful yarns…and I am very impressed that they are all labeled. That is my downfall. I need to be better about that, because although I seem to think it is, my memory is not what it once was.

  8. I”ve only gotten to the first step> SOmeone sent me roving. Do you use a drop spindle? Who taught you to spin? ahhh where to start….

  9. Well done you! Those could be amazing hats and mittens in the future, but for now they are inspiring just as they are!

  10. I’m so impressed by spinning! Some day I’m going to have to learn how to do that. You have some beautiful yarns. I hope you’ll show us what they grow up to be 🙂

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