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Queued Up

After the friends and the shopping, truly the next best thing about going to Rhinebeck is seeing all the wonderful hand knits that people are wearing. Now granted, they aren’t all beautiful – enough with the February Lady Sweater, people! And there is the occasional thing that’s so ugly it’s hard to believe anyone would knit it much less wear it (like the poncho/shawl thing with stripes and pom poms that made Laurie, Manise and I drop our jaws in horror) but a lot of what I saw was really beautiful and I came home all inspired to knit new things.

Like Monica’s Herbivore.

And her Wandering the Moors shawl.

There was also JessaLu’s Aestlight Shawl.

And Laurie’s Onerva.

Those small throw-around-your-neck sort of shawls are fun to knit and great to wear and now I’ve got some new ones in my queue.

First up, though, is this:

The Stupidly Easy Triangular Scarf knit with one luxurious skein of Silk Maiden from my stash.

Silk Maiden Triangular Shawl blog size

I love it already.

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  1. Must admit I’ve fallen in love with those small shawls also. I made one this summer and love it! My plan is to make a shawlette and matching mitts from stash yarn. Now to decide on the pattern!

  2. It’s early here and I thought you typed “PORN poms” (I think I need new reading glasses), and sort of chuckled at my mistake, but in retrospect, it sort of sounds like that’s really what you meant anyway. 😛 Geez.

    Thanks for all the links to the GOOD STUFF. 🙂

  3. I love the triangular scarf! I’ve been looking for a quick knit and this may just fit the bill! I actually have a skein of silk maiden sitting there waiting for the right project. What size needles did you use?

  4. The first time I saw the usefulness of a small shawl was when you and Kim wore them while visiting me. I loved the way they looked thrown casually around your shoulders and when you were chilled, how easily they wrapped around your neck. I was hooked. LOVE the colors of your new little one.

  5. Stupidly Easy? You’re speaking my language!

    I need to see this pom pom/poncho/shawl creation. Sounds, ummmmm – interesting?

    My next project on the needles is Multnomah – another small shawl. I’m using Noro sock, which I hope softens up enough to put around my neck. It’s kinda scratchy.

    I love the colors on your triangle shawl. Very nice contrast. And it looks so soft.

  6. It is impossible to underestimate the bounds of bad taste, even in knitting. You must check out some of these delights: They will leave you ‘All Shook Up’. And thanks for adding to my ever-growing list of must knits.

  7. Those tassle hats and baby striped poncho were quite the sight eh? Esp the throwing of the shoulder so we could get a good view of it. *guffaw*

    I too am enamored by all the small shawls that can be used as scarves/ neck warmers. Most are in my queue.

  8. I made the Aestlight shawl from a natural cotten/linen blend and have worn it so many times! It is perfect over a black turtle next and great for work! Also, it is fun to do!

  9. I just finished a Multnomah shawl(ette). It spent the night drying on my guest room bed, all in blocking bondage. I woke up late this morning and didn’t have time to release it, otherwise, I would have worn it today.

  10. The fugly blow my mind. I am such a pokey knitter that I can’t imagine using my knitting time and effort to create anything that I can’t consider beautiful.

    I’ve got a February lady languishing on the needles and have considered frogging it and using the yarn to make a plain cardigan. The more Feb. ladies I see, the less I think it will flatter me…

  11. So I should can my plans to make a February Lady? 😉

    Seriously, I think it’s almost impossible not to get sucked in by those sweet little shawls. It’s almost instant gratification. I’ve been dying to make one for myself since I made Summer Flies for my M-I-L. Thanks for all the great suggestions.

  12. So that’s the name of the pattern – you wouldn’t believe how many people asked me over the weekend and I couldn’t answer, my mind was a complete blank. Total bride brain.

    Loved Laurie’s shawlette!

    Very pretty colors!

  13. 🙂 I still think I “have” to knit a February Lady… something about that garter yoke calls to me!

    I love the little shawls, too, but I’ve really been using my larger ones lately at work to warm me up when I’m sitting in my office freezing (which is pretty much all the time).

  14. Carole, please tell our Nora that there are much better garter yoke cardi patterns out there.


    Our Jessalu didn’t wear her veil to Rhinebeck?! o.O

  15. Thanks, I just finished my Febuary Lady sweater and would really love to wear it. It was such a great pattern and looks good on all body types…. Sorry you had to see so many at one time and in one place..

  16. How could anyone not love a name like Stupidly Easy Triangular Scarf? I think Manise and Laurie must have been trailing Rhinebeck fumes when I saw them yesterday, because I wasn’t even there and I am itching to knit a zillion things at once. (The recent receipt of unbelievable yarn didn’t hurt either. Yes, I know I am supposed to be on a diet, so sue me.)

  17. Aww, thanks, Carole. I guess I need to get photos of Wandering the Moors now, eh? Your yarn looks like it will knit up a treat. Yum.

  18. Beautiful knit items!!!

    And, I love the one you are working on. I’m working on a similar one … but, I also like the one you are working on…May have to try that pattern.

  19. I noticed quite a few of the uglies, too! Mom and I looked at each other and wondered where they had dug the eyelash up from. Believe me, I’ve knit some ugly things in my day, and they do NOT see the light of day!!

  20. I am now sold on the shawlette/scarf FOs. It was warm. I like your list, and I like the name of your FO.

    Now I can keep knitting my sock yarn into something else. Score!

  21. Oh my…well, first I was going to say “Curse that Carole for giving me more patterns to add to my queue”. Then I checked…and they’re all already queued. LOL! Now I’m going back to look and laugh at all the fugliness. 🙂

  22. when I track down where I stashed my various sock yarns, these now queued shawl patterns will come in very handy. I need to wear a handknit to my next MDS&W!

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