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Three Things on Thursday

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I wanted to block and photograph the finished triangular scarf to show you today but 1)I forgot to block it and 2)when I remembered about the blocking it was raining and I knew I wouldn’t be able to take photographs. And so, you get some random groups of 3 today.

Three things I’m knitting:

  1. Man socks for Dale. I’m using Dream in Color and it’s awesome.
  2. TTL Mystery socks for me. I’m almost done with the foot on sock 1 but haven’t even started the foot on sock 2 so I think I’ll be behind for this week’s clue.
  3. Test knitting for Susan. I think this is going to be another fabulous design.

Three things I’m planning:

  1. The menu for our Halloween party Saturday night. Anyone got a spooky name idea for margaritas?
  2. Costumes for our Kiwanis Halloween party tonight.
  3. Where to plant all the bulbs I bought last spring. Yes, it’s past time to get them in the ground. Whoops.

Three things I’m loving:

  1. Our fall foliage. I think it’s spectacular this year.
  2. A schedule that’s finally slowing down. Dale and I have had a lot more unplanned time lately and I’m grateful for it.
  3. I finally made a meatloaf that didn’t fall apart. I’ve been plagued with this problem for years and I figured out this week that 1)the burger I was buying was too lean and 2)the mixture was too wet. I rectified this slightly and wound up with a much better looking meatloaf. Yay me!

And that’s 3 groups of 3 and I’m done.

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  1. All good stuff! I have an AMAZING meatloaf recipe if you’d like it – it has never fallen apart. I also have a Sicilian meatloaf recipe that is delish. Hmmm…maybe we need meatloaf for dinner this week.

  2. I’m in the same spot on my Mystery sock, but with other things on my needles I get sidetracked. Green Slim margarita? Your weekends are always full of fun things. This weekend sounds like no exception!

  3. I ripped out my mystery socks as I did not lik the pattern, oh well, better luck next year. How about Nectar of the Living Dead for the margaritas?

  4. Great “three things”

    How about “bug juice” or “bug guts” for the margaritas? (That’s what the color reminds me of.) Not that spooky but kind of gross. Maybe you could even find a garnish that looks like a bug?

  5. Ooh…a Thursday Trifecta! 😉 I have a several projects that are finished and need blocking and several more that are ready to be photographed…but life has certainly gotten in the way. Maybe I’ll go block one right now, while it’s on my mind!

    Hope your party is a blast! We’re driving over to my hometown (an hour from here) with some friends to see Marty Stuart tomorrow night. Outfit planning is in high gear among the women!

  6. Dream in Color is awesome! I am finishing up the Minimalist Cardigan in Dream in Color in Blue lagoon right now and it is gorgeous!!

    How about-the Moonlit Margarita?

  7. What about Boo-garitas? 🙂 And I have a fantabulous recipe for meatloaf that involves: turkey, veal, bacon and bbq sauce. Oh, and cheese.

    And, yes, it is the reason that Dan loves me, why do you ask? 🙂

  8. MMmm.. Meatloaf. I like to do the Market Meatloaf from The New Basics – it has sausage as well as ground beef and lots of veggies. Delish!!

  9. I would call them Death by Tequila, or Murder by Margarita… But I’m a bit odd… If they are strawberry they could be Bloody Margaritas… 🙂

  10. What terrific margarita suggestions listed above! Death by Tequila is my favorite, though isn’t that what they should be called year round? Sounds like you’ll be up to some serious fun this weekend! You really know how to live, Carole! Have a Boo-ti-ful holiday!

  11. hmm…I put an egg in mine and it never falls apart (the meatloaf, that is)

    I hear you about the schedule slowing down – I just want to be able to do NOTHING!

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