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Wordless Wednesday

Library Trees at Peak blog size

Okay, one word. Peak.

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  1. Just the word I used as I drove through the country side along the Ct. river to my LYS gathering yesterday. Temps in the 70’s, sunshine and the brilliant colors!

  2. The wind is blowing all of ours off the trees. It looks so much better on them then on the ground.

  3. Your red/orange trees are so amazing! We have shades of yellow and gold, but peak hasn’t happened here and it may not, as we had 3″ of snow last night.

  4. We have lost all of our color and with the winds the last night and today even anything that is still green is gone too!

  5. It’s been surreal this week. Very late. Much prettier than any had predicted. Surprising. There. I filled in the other words.

  6. sweet jeebus let it be past peak soon so I can drive into town without having murderous thoughts every five minutes…(it is pretty, though!)

  7. Thanks so much for the ‘leaf feed’ this year! I am always envious of your fall color, but this year especially, as last weekend’s very heavy rains (8.2 inches in two days!) knocked most of the leaves off and changed the chemistry of the rest. Sad.

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