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Stupidly Easy Triangular Scarf

The Stupidly Easy Triangular Scarf was also stupidly fast. I started on Oct 19th and finished on Oct 24th. Less than a week!

SETS 1 blog size

It’s a great little pattern for that skein of luxurious yarn that you know will shine all on it’s own. That’s why I used my one skein of Silk Maiden in this beautiful combination of yellow and blue.

SETS 2 blog size

It’s soft and it’s lovely and just the right size for wrapping once around my neck.

SETS Eyelets blog size

It’s simple and fast and the hardest part of the whole thing is trying to be random about placing the garter and eyelet ridges.

SETS Point blog size

I think it would knit up beautifully in a skein of handspun, too. And that would make a fantastic Christmas present.

SETS Overall blog size

If I actually knit for Christmas, that is.

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  1. What a great pattern! I’m thinking of using some of my handspun that I think is a sport weight and gifting the shawls. Don’t know if they will be Christmas or birthday knits. I’m thinking birthday. I want no holiday knitting stress this year!

  2. no christmas knitting? Really? 🙂 I’m almost done with mine… there’s very little this year b/c we are doing a very pared-down holiday gifting list. the ungratefulness last year really got to me. i try not to be, but i am very sensitive about how badly my friends & family can treat each other.

    beautiful scarf… I love the colors!

  3. That is absolutely lovely and I really like the colors!! I’m about to finish up the Wisteria Arbor Shawl from the new One Skein sock book (using Sophie’s Toes, of course). Maybe I’ll try this one next!

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos and project!

  4. It came out really pretty Carole. I can see that being used to keep you warm maybe next spring – you know, in March when its really spring but it’s just as cold as winter and you are anxious for the pretty spring colors to come out? They are very cheery colors!

  5. Stupidly Easy Scarf….sounds like just the ticket for me!
    I have something to rip out and start over and I think this may be the restful pattern needed. Your’s looks great, peaceful with the rocks and water..:)

  6. That is really pretty. I think that might be a good pattern for a couple of skeins of mini-mochi that I have been trying to decide what to do with. The only hard part of it for me will be the random parts…I really have trouble with that. But the randomness will make for an attainable challenge.

  7. My comfort Clapotis is made of Silk Maiden. I’ve made two projects with it, one pilled terribly and the other has worn incredibly well.

  8. Love it! The colors are gorgeous and I can just imagine what a pleasure this scarf will be to wear.

    May have to try it, but the whole random thing might cripple me, lol!!!

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