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We Need A Little Christmas

On Saturday Dale and I met up with members of our Kiwanis club to decorate the town common for Christmas. It may seem like we are rushing the season but the trees for our annual Christmas tree sale are arriving next weekend and this had to be done first. It turned out to be a gorgeous day – warm enough to do our work without coats, even!

Red Velvet Bow blog size

There is a lot of fencing around our common and every bit of it had to be draped with a piece of garland and then a bow had to be added to make it festive. Luckily we had a lot of help from our Key Club kids.

Cable Ties blog size

We also had help from these cable ties. I used to think that aluminum foil was the greatest invention of our day but I’ve changed my mind and now I think it’s cable ties. They made the decorating process go so smoothly. We had a conversation about the best length and decided that 8 inches was a bit too short, 12 inches was a bit too long but 10 inches was just right. And not one of us had a dirty thought in our minds. Hard to believe, I know.

Dale Decorating Common blog size

One of the best things about Dale is that he’s always happy with what he’s doing. Work or play, he has a smile on his face. And work like this is the best kind of work because it benefits lots of people.

Key Club Kids blog size

It’s true that many hands make light work and we had a lot of hands helping us out. We got the entire common, including the gazebo, decorated in just about an hour.

Fencing With Garland blog size

Now that’s what I call a productive morning.

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  1. So pretty! It looks idyllic – sort of “Stars Hollow.” How wonderful to live in such a civic minded community! Happy Monday, Carole!

  2. A good deed done. We are so fortunate to have our pretty little Common. Thanks Kiwanis and Key Club

  3. Seeing the Common decorated for Christmas each year makes me even more proud to be a member of Kiwanis … even if I did stay home and knit this year!!

  4. WOW – beautiful! I’m sure everyone appreciates it!

    That’s quite a statement that Dale always has a smile on his face, no matter what he’s doing, work or play. That says alot about him — who doesn’t want to be around a guy like that!

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