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Historic Savery Avenue

A couple of weeks ago, as I was driving south from the library to the Council on Aging, I noticed that Savery Avenue was looking particularly picturesque.

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I’m betting you’ve never heard of Savery Avenue so I’ll explain – it’s located in Carver and it’s the nation’s first divided highway. It was presented to the town by William Savery in 1861. At that time Mr. Savery indicated that the  trees between the roads and on the outside of them were to be left for “shade and ornament for man and beast.”

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And that’s how it has been ever since. I’m embarrassed to say that, even though I’ve worked in Carver for 11 years, I had never actually driven down Savery Avenue before this day. But when it looked so beautiful and perfectly autumn-like I just had to pull over and take photos. I finished my photo shoot by driving down the avenue and it is truly beautiful. There are benches all along the way and I’m told that lots of people walk the loop as a daily ritual.

The town has applied to have Savery Avenue placed on the National Register of Historic Places and they are currently awaiting approval of their application.

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Savery Avenue. Definitely historic. Definitely savory.

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  1. Thank you for sharing such a beautifully picturesque place. The red/gold carpet is nothing like you see around here. I’m surprised it’s not already nationally historic. May the application be approved soon!

  2. So beautiful; the colors make it seem like a painting. Every town should be so lucky to have such a path.

  3. It’s gorgeous! Tree-lined roads always look to me as if I could walk just a little farther than I can see and find myself in some enchanted land.

  4. We have a tree lined street like that in WA. You have to drive through it to get to our place. It’s like a filter, leaving reality behind and entering a new world.

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