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America’s Hometown Thanksgiving Parade

On Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the Plymouth Thanksgiving Parade with my friend, Jo-Ann and her daughters. We bundled up and were out the door early in order to get free parking in a lot close to the downtown area. We sat in traffic for a bit and did get detoured around but we managed to park where I wanted and only had a 10 minute walk to the parade route.

K and M at the rock blog size

We started with a quick visit to Plymouth Rock since Jo-Ann’s girls had never seen it. I think they were rather, umm, underwhelmed.

In any case, we found a spot on the parade route that was directly after the reviewing stand. We eventually realized that this is not the best spot from which to watch a parade as there were a lot of delays. But we still saw plenty of fun parade-type things.

Native American Float blog size

There was the Native American float – the first time they have ever participated in this parade.

First Thanksgiving Float blog size

And of course the First Thanksgiving float.

Antique Car blog size

There were antique cars.

Bagpipes blog size

And bagpipes.

Fife and Drum Corps blog size

There were several fife and drum corps.

Boy Scout Float blog size

And a float honoring 100 years of Boy Scouts. I would like to point out the woman you see on the left hand edge of this photo. She stood in the road, blocking everyone’s view, for much of the parade. That kind of behavior is why I don’t generally go to parades – people can be such asshats.

Mayflower Float blog size

There was a small replica of the Mayflower.

And a certain Civil War reenactor. I don’t have a picture of Dale but you’ve see him in his uniform before. He was, of course, the reason I wanted to go to the parade. It’s nice to have a friendly face in the crowd when you are marching along on a lengthy parade route.

And lengthy it was – this was one of the longest parades I’ve been to in a long time. Now some people would think that’s great, more bang for your buck and all that, but honestly it was just a tad too long.

So we bailed on the parade and got cupcakes. And lunch. And wine. Now that’s what I call a good Saturday afternoon.

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  1. How festive! I love Plymouth, but haven’t been in years. By the way the fife and drum corps hale from the town next door to me! Actually, my aunt lives there. It is a quaint little village with lovely people.

  2. I do love a parade, but cupcakes, lunch and wine sound wonderful, too.

    Young’un’s class went to Plimouth Plantation last Monday (it’s a traditional 3rd grade field trip for our district), but I’ve never been. Someday!

  3. Great photos, Carole! I saw some news story about the native American float — very cool. Hey, that asshat who blocked the parade view — I see those like her at soccer games and other places too!

  4. That looked like a fun day. I love parades. We went to the Bristol 4th of July Parade for a couple of years when we first moved here. Getting there at 5AM just to get a seat didn’t keep my enthusiasm going after that.

    Cupcakes sounded heavenly! And that woman – oh my gosh. I would have choked her. Another good reason I don’t go to many parades I guess.

  5. Now you know why the Macy’s parade is edited to within an inch of it’s life. Parades much be difficult to keep moving and not everything is interesting. The cupcakes sound fabulous. 😉

  6. We use to live in southern California and would walk down to the Rose Parade. I loved it!! Your after parade activities sounds like a lot of fun! Happy week!

  7. Hey, my girls are famous, hehe! I have a good picture of Dale, that man is just photogenic 🙂 The parade was fun, but I agree that it should be a bit shorter. The cupcakes were amazing, and the lunch/wine was the best part of the day!

  8. I can’t say I blame Jo-Ann’s kids from being a bit underwhelmed by ‘the rock’. I think I expected it to be a little more impressive than it was, too. I’m not exactly sure what I expected, but that wasn’t it.

    The parade looks interesting, though, at least for a while. I don’t have the patience to sit through a whole parade.

  9. I live in Quincy, where the oldest Christmas parade will be happening soon. It is a little underwhelming yet I love it. I don’t have kids but I will go 🙂

  10. I love parades. We toyed with the idea of going to the Macy’s one this year but nixed it. Maybe another year. Thanks for sharing yours.

  11. I do love a parade, and a small town parade is the best kind, even with those %****@ people who believe that their personal view is much more important than everyone else’s. I bet there was someone like that with a video camera at all Hannah’s childhood performances — there sure was at our kids’ (and it was always the same two sets of parents!)

  12. I haven’t been to a parade for a long, long time. But I do like to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in the comfort of my own home. 🙂

  13. I like the Macy’s parade (like Beth, in the comfort of my own home!) and that’s about it – but seeing these photos makes me think I should try again. looks wonderful!

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