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Ten On Tuesday

Inspired by Cyber Monday, which I really think is a media-hyped non-event, today’s Ten On Tuesday Topic is: 10 Favorite Places for Online Shopping.

Another Sunset on Stevens Court blog size

Online shopping means you’ll be home and won’t miss out on fabulous sunsets right in your own neighborhood. Just sayin.

  1. I have used Amazon for ages and I love it. The shipping is free if you are a prime member, books are steeply discounted, and it’s fast and reliable. Their customer service is excellent, as well.
  2. L.L. Bean. My family wears a lot of stuff from L.L. Bean and I appreciate their free and fast shipping, their quality, their return policy, and their customer service.
  3. Etsy. This is a dangerous place, don’t say I didn’t warn you but you can buy box bags from JessaLu and yarn from Emily and very cool recycled knitting needle jewelry and so much more!
  4. Best Buy. They often have better deals online than they do in the store and sometimes they even offer free shipping.
  5. Wolferman’s. I am a huge fan of their cheddar English muffins and when they offer free shipping I can’t resist.
  6. eBay. You can find anything at anytime. I definitely liked it better when it was more auction and less buy-it-now but it’s still pretty cool.
  7. kpixie. I have a home field advantage on this one and get my yarn delivered to my door within one day and for free. Still, Missa and Jessica offer great yarn and good prices, terrific customer service and fast shipping.
  8. Tiny Prints. I used them for Hannah’s graduation cards and then again for our Halloween party invites. Last week I ordered Christmas cards and I can’t wait to see them. They have coupons on a regular basis and their quality is excellent.
  9. Sephora. If you sign up for their emails you often get coupons and special deals to use online. I might be a wee bit addicted to this website.
  10. Adorama. Sadly,  most of the things I want from Adorama are out of my price range but still, I love to go and shop lenses and dream there.

See that? You really don’t ever have to leave the house. Hermits unite!

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  1. Great suggestions for a couple of on-line shopping! Will have to give
    them a look. Good Ten on Tuesday!! I love shopping on-line. Can’t
    stand the shipping costs now so any free shipping is a bonus.

  2. Amazon did the trick for me this shopping season. I have four shipments coming in the next week. I actually found cheaper prices than if I went into the stores and got free shipping on two of the items. Love the Tiny Print cards!

  3. Gotta love Amazon. I have a shipment coming soon. While I don’t wear make-up much, I love Sephora. Did you get in on the latest philosophy coupon? Mine should be on my doorstep any time. We also order from Gardeners Supply Company. Even though they’re in Vermont and we’re in Idaho, our items come quickly and are always top quality. How did I ever get along without online shopping?

  4. I love on-line shopping! Bought from Amazon and Zappos just yesterday. We buy food from amazon as they have supper good prices on GF foods (and other stuff). Etsy is another great place. I try not to shop at all, but on-line makes life simpler. Hermits Unite!!!

  5. I like L.L. Bean, too. We have one right close to us, but I still tend to shop online there. Thanks for the great topic and new places to scout!

  6. Love Love LOVE Wolfermans. Although, oddly, they can’t seem to get me on their mailing list. I always have to borrow my parents catalog…

  7. Great list, we have alot of similarities! I really don’t know how I survived Christmas shopping before I could just click online in my pjs! No link to others this week?

  8. Great idea. Zingerman’s is also excellent for food (I send coffee cakes to a large family in SF every year). Dancing Deer is also a treat for those not already spoiled by them. I think Amazon has changed the shopping life for many of us. Yea, hermits!

  9. You added some new ones to my list too! We do use Amazon a lot. Students get a free year of Prime so it is especially convenient with DH in grad school right now. We’ve definitely taken advantage of better deals at Best Buy online than in the stores too. Thanks for expanding my online shopping horizons!

  10. You really have amazing sunsets up there.

    Let’s not forget the go-to sites, Webs and Knitpicks. That said, I bought some Misti Alpaca Cotton Silk fingering this morning at my LYS to help me transition out of Thanksgiving and back into my quiet home. So many storefronts are empty here in NYC, and I try to support local businesses to keep my favorites from closing. I know you do, too.

    I like Jessica”s Biscuits for cookbooks. Not only is everything discounted, but the larger your order, the more free gifts they throw in.

    Here in NY we have to pay sales tax on amazon purchases, and amazon can drag its feet on sending out free shipping orders, so I sometimes shop elsewhere.

  11. Great list! What I like to do with Best Buy is to purchase online for in-store pick-up. Not always a savings, but it sure beats wandering the store if I know exactly what I want. Last year I was in and out in ten minutes while people waited in long lines for the registers after their shopping.

  12. Gorgeous sunset. /stunned silence …

    I did not need to know about Adorama.

    This could be a very (financially) dangerous week of 10 on Tuesday.

  13. Love the list, said from one hermit to another! I do have to add Vermont Country Store and the USPS (I’ll go to the post office to mail but order stamps online…go figure!)

  14. Thrilled to see Adorama on the list – even though we only came in at number 10 (or do we read from the bottom up??!)

    If you are buying from Adorama 5 important things to note; everything we sell comes with a 30-day returns warranty for exchange or refund, (in addition to the regular warranty), AND a 30-day price promise.
    We never charge your cc until an item actually ships, and we have extended our returns period for anything purchased between November 14th 2010 & December 25th 2010, right up ’til January 15th 2011.

    And then there’s me. If you ever have any queries or need after-sales advice with any order from Adorama, I’m only an email away:

    Helen Oster
    Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador

  15. I love Tiny Prints-every baby announcement, party invitation they have done for me has come out wonderfully. It adds a touch of class to have such nice invitations!

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