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Ten On Tuesday


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday so it was easy to come up with this week’s Ten on Tuesday topic: 10 Things You Love About Thanksgiving

  1. The food, of course. My love of mashed potatoes and gravy is well known but I also love the turkey and the boiled onions and the relish tray and the stuffed dates and the cranberry sauce.  I could go on here, but I’ll stop because I’m making myself hungry.
  2. Making pie. I truly enjoy making pie. It’s a tribute to my mom, who made the best pies in the world, but it’s also wonderful to make pie and then watch people enjoy it. This year I am making 5 pies: apple, pumpkin, mincemeat, cranberry pecan and chocolate cream.
  3. Being with family. Having Hannah “come home” for the holiday is a new experience for me this year and I’m so excited about it.
  4. Being with friends. We’ve been going to Lois’ house for Thanksgiving for several years now and I love that our holiday has turned into a real mix of friends and famly.
  5. Having a large group gather around the table. Nothing says holiday dinner more than having lots of people to enjoy it.
  6. Holding hands while saying grace.
  7. Thinking about being thankful. I have much to be thankful for in my life and I’m never more aware of that than on Thanksgiving.
  8. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I always watch. Always. I love it all but I do especially love when Santa arrives at the end. I generally cry at that part.
  9. Football. This is a new one for me but now that I enjoy watching football I am looking forward to watching some on Thanksgiving.
  10. Playing games.  Between dinner and pie we usually break out the games and play Apples to Apples or Scruples or something like it and it’s fun to just relax and laugh and enjoy the feeling of being full and thankful.

What do you love about Thanksgiving?

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  1. I love having all the family join us especially my nephews who are now young men! It amazing to see them so grown up instead of the wild little puppies they were when they were young. And of course the pies!!

  2. I’ve been asked to bake a pumpkin pie this year. Since I won’t be with family this year, I will also be baking a sweet potato pie, per tradition. I love both.

  3. Turkeyturkeyturkeyturkey!

    Although this year I am cooking the turkey part way and then taking it to my SIL and cooking it the rest of the way. Wish me luck!

  4. I’d rather spend Thanksgiving with you than anywhere else. You have the thankful part down pat. We’re winging the whole meal and I’m not sure there will be much tradition involved. 😉

  5. I thought I was the only geek who cried when Santa arrived in the parade! I have been watching that parade (here we go with parades again) since I was a little kid and it brings back lots of good memories.

    I love the baking at Thanksgiving. Hubby does most of the cooking. Thanksgiving is like the gateway to the entire holiday season. I love this time of year.

  6. I’m thankful for having the opportunity to read your blog each morning to set my day right. You always inspire and uplift! Have a terrific time with your family, Carole!

  7. Living in Plymouth has always made me feel a little bit closer to the holiday. Our tradition is that every year since my first daughter was born ( right here in Plymouth ) my husband has taken her and her younger sister to the procession of the pilgrims on Thanksgiving morning. Now she is married and going to her in-laws for the holiday so my husband is planning on taking pictures of the procession and texting them to her so she can still feel like she is there. How did we live without technology!

    Happy Thanksgiving Carole

  8. It’s been several years since we had friends and family over for Thanksgiving, and I really miss it. I’ll see some of my cousins at Christmas, but going to their house somehow isn’t the same as having your own house full of people you love. Plus, I just like cooking a big meal, and that doesn’t make sense unless you have a houseful.

  9. Ahhh, the game playing is fun stuff! I won’t be with the siblings who like to play games this year, but I’m hoping to be with them next year.

    Have a fantastic Thanksgiving!!

  10. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. This has become my favorite holiday since we moved to the US. It just has such a comforting feeling to it. Have a great holiday.

  11. what a great list! we share much…including the crying at the end of the macy’s parade (and the first year that meredith viera hosted, she was so excited and she talked about how much she loved the parade and I cried at the beginning too 🙂 …and I am so excited about sara coming home!!

  12. The pies we are making are very similar. No mincemeat pie here though. I don’t mind it but I wouldn’t say it’s a family favorite.

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