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Ten On Tuesday

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Today’s Ten on Tuesday idea comes from our very own JessaLu.  Since there are so many movies I want to go see right now and since Oscar season will be here before you know it, we agreed to write about 10 Movies You’d Like to See in the Theater.

  1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1.  First on my list because it’s the one I’m most excited about.
  2. Fair Game. I’ve been fascinated by the Valerie Plame case for ages and I think it’s awesome that Hollywood is shining a light on this.
  3. For Colored Girls. The new Color Purple, perhaps? The cast is awesome and I bet it will be a great movie.
  4. Conviction. This is a local story for us and I bet the movie is great. I hear that the real Betty Anne Waters was not happy that they made this movie and you know that controversy always makes for a better picture.
  5. Love and Other Drugs. I love a good romance and this one has the potential to be a tragic romance, which will make it even better.
  6. Secretariat. I loved Sea Biscuit so why not this one, too? And also, John Malkovich.
  7. The Social Network. We live in a world where communication is always changing. I definitely want to see the movie that’s about one of my favorite ways of staying in touch with friends.
  8. The Next 3 Days. Two words: Russell Crowe. Okay, one more word: yummmmmm
  9. Unstoppable. You have to love a good action flick, particularly on the big screen.
  10. Red. I really only want to see this one for the unique cast. Malkovich and Bruce Willis and Helen Mirren and Mary-Louise Parker? Oh yeah.

I love the movies!

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  1. I wanted to see Red, but my friends and I never managed to arrange a time. I’m horrible about seeing movies I want in the theater. If no one wants to go, then I just skip it. Going to the movies for me is more fun with the camaraderie of chatting about the movies before and after.

  2. I’m a dork! I wrote all about the classics I want to see in the theater. I am with you on Harry Potter, though. I can’t wait!!!

  3. My older daughter and I are going to see HP at the MIDNIGHT show this Thursday. What am I thinking???
    I’ll see Denzel in just about anything. Good list. Thanks for some new titles, Carole!

  4. I’m so out of touch with movies! But I definitely am going to see Harry Potter. The previews for Red looked good. And there’s a movie with Jolie and Depp that Steve and I might see.

  5. Even if I wanted to see a movie in a theater I wouldn’t go! I have never heard of 3/4 of you list. That’s the reason I never go! My DVD queue is growing, however.

  6. I want to see the new Dwayne Johnson film—“Faster.” Billy Bob Thornton is in it—you know it has to be entertaining. I love serious film, but sometimes, you just want to see some smut, a car chase or two, and a little violence. I’ve also been borrowing allot of old movies from my library—I’m having a one-woman Frank Capra film festival in my living room (with knitting).

  7. There are a few really good ones on your list that I forgot. It’s fun to put the list together but chances are that I’ll only get to see 1 or 2 of them. It’s so darn hard to get to the movies.

  8. So with you on numbers 1 through 7! So much of the time, there’s nothing we want to see and now, an embarrassment of riches! We might have to the midnight show of HP.

  9. Great list … you have such a varied taste in movies, it’s always interesting to see what’s on your list! We hardly ever get to the movies, just too hard w/ the little ones – but there are a couple that I *MUST* see (hopefully)!

  10. I haven’t been to the movies since the last HP came out but my sister and I saw Conviction and Red last weekend. I thought both were very good.

  11. I live under a rock these days when it comes to movies. This is a good week for me to read everyone else’s posts to learn a little bit, LOL! I hadn’t heard of several on your list so I’m sure these around blogland will help me with my incomplete list 🙂

  12. Great list! I also want to see HP, Unstoppable, and I really enjoyed RED. I forgot about The Social Network and would like to see that one too! Glad I found your meme. I’ve been doing my own 10 on Tuesday for a while now ! — Dawn (

  13. I love movies, but somehow I never go. Part of it is that so often I am disappointed and I hate to spend so much money for that to be the case…especially right now while things are a bit tight for us. So I wait for the dvd’s (not quite the same, but netflix is way cheaper right now). I really want to see a bunch of the ones on your list.

  14. I am not much of a movie goer anymore, maybe that’s why my list is late and short and shows old movies mostly. But I do want to see all the ones that you listed and have been mentioned on the other blogs, preferably from my couch. Oh, I did discover the drive-in again and have seen Red last month. That was fun and the bought burrito and beer (secretly stashed under the seat) were great.

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