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Christmas on the Common ’10

The East Bridgewater Kiwanis Club has been hosting Christmas on the Common for the last 27 years. It’s a great day for the town to come together and celebrate the holiday, complete with a parade and craft fair, games and food, and lots of seasonal spirit.

While the Kiwanis Club no longer runs the parade (it is now run by the town’s Recreation Committee) we still choose the parade marshal and this year’s marshal was none other than my father-in-law, Jack. He was chosen partly because this year is the 100th anniversary of the Boy Scouts of  America and Jack was a Scoutmaster in town for over 50 years. He was also chosen because of his dedication to our community and for being just an all around great guy.

Ready to Roll blog size

Guess who got to ride with him in the Ford Excursion limo?

Jack and his daughters in the limo blog size

My sisters-in-law and I!

Wine and Corsage blog size

We were so excited and it was a blast! We uncorked a bottle of Nouveau Beaujolais to celebrate and enjoyed every minute of our celebrity status.

Jack the Grand Marshal blog size

Jack loved waving to the people lining the parade route and we occasionally popped out of the sunroof to wave to special friends we saw along the way.

Once we reached the reviewing stand we took our places and enjoyed watching the rest of the parade. We liked it so much we’ve decided to pursue careers as Professional Parade Marshal Escorts. I’m sure that profession exists. It must.

Christmas Dancers blog size

There were Christmas dancers.

Sheep Drawn Sled blog size

And sheep pulling a sleigh. I think they were slightly insulted to be associated with the concept of reindeer. I’m just sayin.

Trees on the Common blog size

After the parade it was time for the tree decorating on the Common.  This is the part of the day that I am in charge of and it involved different community groups from town decorating a tree to go along with the theme of the day. This year’s theme was  Christmas Memories and the groups all did a great job with their trees.

Dale and Hannah at COC blog size

Dale was proud to post in front of his Boy Scout troop’s tree with Hannah, as you can see.

And yes, Hannah came home just to attend this event. It’s a really special day for our community and she just couldn’t bear to miss it, especially when she learned that her grandpa was being honored.

Sometimes I really do think we live in Stars Hollow. Honestly, that feeling of small town warmth and camaraderie just can’t be beat.

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  1. Your family is a big part of the community and it’s wonderful to see your father-in-law celebrated in such a high fashion way. Your community is rich in tradition and it must feel good to carry on years of celebration.

  2. Very much Star’s Hollow feel to your posts! I love the tradition your community embraces. And I am so inspired by your personal sense of community involvement. Loreli’s got nothing over you!

  3. Love the traditions, small town warmth and involvement, and your dedication to keeping them alive. You must be proud of your family’s
    involvement including your FIL and so nice to see Hannah enjoying the
    same. Did you feel like royality in the limo??? LOL

  4. Congratulations to Jack.

    Is that the Eleanor shawl/scarf that Hannah is wearing? She looks great in it. That is so great that she came home for the celebration.

    Just yesterday I purchased some Noro Silk Garden in my absolutely most favorite Noro color: 87. Unfortunately the LYS only had two skeins. It’s an older color and I was surprised they had any 87 at all.

  5. That is one lovely and warm scarf that Hannah is wearing. It sounds like such a great event. No wonder Hannah couldn’t bear to miss it.

  6. See mom?! Everyone thinks the scarf looks great on me 😉

    To everyone commenting…I may or may not have stolen that one from my mom- I couldn’t resist!

  7. That sounds like a wonderful weekend! Pretty scarf! That’s the way things go with mothers and daughters, Hannah…I only have sons, so rarely does anything of mine get borrowed or stolen, and never clothes!

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