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Today is December 1st and that means NaBloPoMo is over. And I did it. I posted every day for 30 days. It wasn’t a huge deal for me since I post 5 days a week anyway but adding those Saturdays and Sundays was still an effort. I had a plan and I kept it simple but still, it sort of felt like working on the weekends. And you all know I do not work on the weekends. Nevertheless, I’m glad I did it and now I’m glad it’s done.

And here’s how my week is going:

Knitting (socks for Dale and the hood for Hannah) continues. And it’s good.

Listening (FDR by Jean Edward Smith) continues. And it’s long.

Photography (Project 365) continues. And it’s almost finished.

Life continues and it’s the best thing of all.

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  1. Yay, you! Good job, although I never doubted you’d be able to do it. Lovely picture, you always capture them so perfectly 🙂

  2. It was terrific starting each Saturday and Sunday with you. I’m listening to The History of Love – very good, though it caught me off guard at first. Just finished Restless – really a fun listen! Looking forward to Hannah’s hood pics. Happy Wednesday!

  3. You mean NaBloPoMo NoMo’? ;^) Thanks for being faithful however many days a week. Now, off to check out the book you’re reading. A girl can never have too many good books to read.

  4. There were several days I just didn’t have time to post. The weekends were easy as I usually had a picture or something easy to post. And then, what do I do? I decide to post an advent. The worst part is taking pictures of every ornament. What have I done?! lol
    It was fun sharing the NaBloPo month with you!!

  5. I enjoyed the daily posts, especially the weekend short and sweet ones. Thanks! Also, I love Dream in Color Smooshy, makes wonderful socks. Dale is lucky!

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