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Three Things On Thursday

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It’s Thursday and I’m random and that can only mean it’s time for three lists – – –

Three Things I’m Knitting:

  1. Socks for Hannah. This mother can’t help herself.
  2. A Baby Surprise Jacket for a friend’s grandbaby.
  3. A shawl for me. Okay, maybe I’m a little selfish.

Three Things I’m Happy About:

  1. All your wonderful compliments on the Through the Woods Hood. Thank you!
  2. The Pats game last Monday night. And they said it was going to be close. Hah!
  3. Cookie baking. It’s time to make Polish Tea Cakes and Sugar Cookies and Gingerbread Men and Toffee and Peanut Butter Balls. That part is a lot of work but then it’s time to EAT them and SHARE them and that makes me happy.

Three Things I Have to Do:

  1. Figure out what I’m serving at the annual library staff Christmas lunch on Monday.
  2. Address and mail our Christmas cards.
  3. WRAP! My shopping is done but I haven’t wrapped a single thing – time to get cracking on that.

I hope all the things on your lists are making you happy!

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  1. Polish tea cakes? Those sound interesting. It is a bit ironic that now that I’m retired I don’t do as much Christmas baking. My health conscious daughters and husband don’t nibble as much. I will be baking for my knitting group and perhaps some for the family and friends.

  2. I love your red hood! Wish I had someone to knit it for and maybe I will just knit it and wait for the person to gift it to. It looks so good on Hannah. Love, love, the Pat’s win on Monday. They really looked sooo
    good. Love the cookies especially the peanut butter balls, one I also
    make every year. When do you want me to stop of for them? Ha, ha!! And for those who love see what others cook or bake, let us know what you
    decide to serve to your staff on Monday. Hmmm, if I leave now I could make it to MA by Monday!!

  3. Hannah looks adorable in her hood! I’m sure it’s coming in handy in this weeks frigid temps. Great lists and great cookies!

  4. You are NOT selfish. You deserve to reward yourself for your hard work for other people. Your house must smell wonderfully because of all the baking and Christmas cheer.

  5. “I hope all the things on your lists are making you happy!”

    All the things on your lists are making me feel a little nervous! I haven’t done a thing to get ready for Christmas. My knitting for Emma is going slowly because it’s black and I need light and she always seems to be around when it’s light. And I started a shawlette for myself which seems to be all I want to knit.

    Maybe I’d feel less nervous if I made my own lists and accomplished a few things. 🙂

  6. two things:

    1. tell me more re: polish tea cakes! i am ethnically polish and do some traditional cooking with my grandmother, but am unaware of polish tea cakes! they sound yummy.

    2. i really enjoy your blog. for real. keep it up woman!

  7. I still can’t quite get used to the football content around here… and the enthusiasm for it! I’m not complaining, mind you!

  8. With all the knitting that you do for others, you should never feel selfish for making something for yourself! And it’s funny, but my first thought when you said you were happy about cookie baking, I thought youwere saying that Cookie was baking…and wondered why that would make you particularly happy. Then I kept reading and saw the error of my ways!

  9. With all of the beautiful knitting you accomplished for others this year, you deserve to knit something for yourself.

    Our holiday plans have undergone a 180 degree turnaround. Now instead of a two day each way drive to Dallas for the holidays, the Dallas folks are driving to us. I’ve lost out on lots of knitting time AND have to clean, decorate, and bake cookies.

    don’tpanicdon’tpanicdon’tpanicdon’tpanicdon’t panic…

  10. A lovely hood for a lovely young woman!

    You certainly are organized and have a lot done already. I’ve been enjoying your posts. I’ve finished all six pairs of socks but need to wrap and mail them by tomorrow. Am decorating the tree and the house this afternoon. What? Sure I can do it all in 2 hours, can’t I?

  11. I read, “Peanut Butter Balls” and my mouth started to water. No lie.

    I should get that recipe from you and make them to bring to Tony’s family on Christmas eve. Will you share? I think you said they were easy.

  12. We have a gingerbread making party each year. It is some thing we started over 20 years ago when my sister and I were teenagers, and my little brother was at the right age to enjoy such things (6-7). We alternate whose residence it’s at each year, and sometimes we have themes or contests. We’ve built gingerbread churches, cabins, tents, lean-to’s, and replicas of our own real homes. We also have spiced cider, play Christmas music, and get sick eating the candy we use to decorate the houses, but we often have a blast. It’s incredibly nerdy, but enjoyable, and each and every year we have new individuals join us within the festivities, such as our spouses, older brother, and now niece. It’s a great method to spend an afternoon, and we all get to take residence our creations at the end of the day.

  13. An annual tradition in my home: I take a day off from work, pop in the BBC Pride and Prejudice, and wrap presents all day. I look forward to that day every year.
    I’m looking forward to seeing your shawl. Foolishly I cast on yesterday for a shawl for Halle. That will be the one gift that ends up getting wrapped in the wee hours of Christmas Eve!

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