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Man Socks 2010

It’s been nearly 2 years since I knit Dale a pair of socks – the last  ones I made for him were finished in January 2009. What kind of wife and knitter am I?

I’m the kind who rectifies a situation when she realizes that socks are overdue, that’s who.

The yarn is Dream in Color Smooshy and I love using it for Man Socks because it’s a generous skein and I don’t have to worry about running out.

The whole time I was knitting them I was thinking they were brown. And they are – but there are so many other beautiful colors, too. Light browns and tans and blues and reds and even a bit of rosy pink.

I made a nice deep 2×2 ribbed cuff so they will stay up. Ribbed for his pleasure. Heh.

And I made a slip 1/knit 1 heel so that they are comfortable to wear, whether he’s stacking firewood or driving the school bus or hiking in the woods.

Man Socks take a while to knit and that makes them a slog but Dale loves to wear them and that’s motivation enough for me.

Well. It’s motivation every 2 years, anyway.

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  1. I did my first pairs of man socks this year for Christmas for my two grown sons…..omg….thought I would never get them done. I cast on 72 sts and did a 2 x2 rib for 9 inches then onto the top of the foot. I’m guessing that they will fit. How many stitches did you cast on and how long is the sock before the heel flap? Love your blog!

  2. Love them. I use the same “standard” pattern for Dan’s socks, which keep his toes very comfy during curling matches… and he’s finally now one of those guys who says “are those socks for me?”

  3. I love the colors. All the Dream in Color yarn is so beautiful. Did you reinforce the heels and toes since there’s no nylon content?

  4. Those socks will be wonderful if the winter continues to be a deep freeze through Jan. & Feb. Great color! Don’t know if I’m happy or sad my man doesn’t wear ” man socks”. Of course I never brought the subject up….. tee, hee, hee.

  5. OT but… the pinterest love from a while ago made me give the site another chance. I figured out that the pinner wasn’t working because of operator error 😉 Since then I have been using it and I get it now. No more having five windows open or writing notes to myself (that I always lose). I think I have officially drunk the kool-aid!

  6. My favorite yarns are the ones that surprise! My “gold” St. Brigid has some amazing flecks of CRIMSON — it would make me so happy every time I’d knit one in! Those are some very nice socks!

  7. Great socks! The wood pile was the perfect place to take pictures of them. I guess it’s time for me to slog through another pair for Bruce. We are both so lucky to have guys who love to wear our knits.

  8. My guy was just commenting on how he loves his knitted socks (his only pair!). I suppose I should knit some more, but that sounds like a good summer-by-the-pool knit to me! Dale’s socks are beautiful! I love the variation. And thanks for the Smooshy tip.

  9. Great man-color! SB’s getting his second pair of handknit socks this year. It’s been so long since I finished them, I’m hoping he doesn’t remember!

  10. I might have spit some coffee out reading about the socks being ribbed for his pleasure, hehe! Love the socks … might have to knit a pair for my man. After I finish his sweater … and the hat & gloves/mittens he requested last night. I will keep the Dream in Color yarn in mind, love all the ‘hidden’ colors 🙂

  11. Love them! How do you find the Smooshy yarn holds up to manly wear? My Smooshy socks wore through at the ball of the foot in their second winter. I’m so bummed!

  12. It’s been at least that long since I knit socks for Drew too. Though most of what I knit these days is never worn. I probably haven’t knit socks I could wear myself since I knit his.

  13. I plan to make 2011 the year of knitting man socks (instead of socks for me, since I have more than enough). I want to use mostly stash yarn but would be interested in a purchase or two to keep things interesting. How does the Dream in Color yarn hold up to rugged wear? I am nervous about using sock yarn with no nylon in it for the men in my life.

  14. Aww…you are a better wife than me….it’s been about 4 years since I made Ken a pair. I guess I better get started on some. 🙂

    LOVE the colors in this yarn!

  15. I am working feverishly on a pair of man socks for my husband for Christmas. First sock is almost to the toe. And I have a six hour drive ahead of me on Sunday as well as the trip home on Tuesday…granted he will be with me, but he seems to think these are for my dad…and will therefore be surprised.

  16. You can work on a sweater for him or socks for him. You can’t knit on two different projects at the same time. ;^)

    Lovely socks, btw.

  17. What? No picot edge for your hubby??? LOL! What size needle did
    you use? I have some of that yarn in my stash and wondered and
    need to use it.

  18. Was this yarn from your stash or did you buy special yarn for Dale? Yeah, I was surprised you didn’t give him your patent picot edge! 🙂

  19. Love the socks! This year, Pete asked for socks…but he wants really thick, warm ones to wear around the house. I’m chugging away on a pair that uses Cascade 220 held double and a toe-up pattern. So far, they fit great, and he’s excited about wearing them. 🙂

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