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Lollipop Socks

I finished my last pair of socks for 2010 on Monday night. They are my usual pattern and knit from Knitterly Things Vesper Sock yarn in the color Lovely Lollipop Sky from the Summer 2008 Sock Club and they are for Hannah.

She loves them. In fact, she says these are her favorite pair of sock. Ever. That’s saying something, considering all the socks I’ve knit for her over the years.

While I didn’t finish them in time for Christmas, I did finish them in time to reward Hannah for achieving excellent marks in her first semester of college. Allow me to brag for a moment and tell you that her GPA is 3.48. Yay!

Hand knit socks in exchange for good grades is a deal I am willing to honor over the next four years. I sure hope Hannah keeps her end of this bargain.

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  1. Congratulations to Hannah! The socks are a perfect reward for all her efforts! Isn’t it fun to have children who appreciate our knitting? My CO daughter forgot gloves on her Christmas trip and spent the visit wearing my new pair of fingerless gloves which she loved. When I offered them to her as a thank-you for picking up my 92 year old aunt on Christmas day, she politely declined, but asked that I knit her a pair. I immediately checked the stash and found the perfect colorway for her!

  2. Just beautiful Carole! And congratulations to Hannah. We’re headed to NC Monday to drop TLP off for his first official semester and I think knitting your sock pattern on the way may be just the insurance we all need! Skein winder charged up tonight! Now dpns or circ…that is the decision!

  3. Congrats Hannah! What a nice carrot to dangle though, I bet she continues this academic streak with or without socks. So nice that she appreciates the hand knits.

  4. Congratulations Hannah! That’s a great way to begin college!

    Just read yesterday’s post. I’m glad you all had such a wonderful
    Christmas eve and day.

  5. Congratulations Hannah!! That’s wonderful, esp for her first semester. I see plenty of socks in her future 🙂

  6. Those are fabu socks!

    Hats off to Hannah–I think first semester freshman year is the most challenging, especially for someone who is getting as involved in theater, etc. as she is! Great work!

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