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Socks for Jessica

As you may have heard, we’ve had a lot of snow around here lately. I’m not happy about it but it’s winter and it’s a fact of life in these parts. One thing I do like about it, though, is the excellent backdrop it provides for the hand knits.

These are my first pair of finished socks for 2011. It’s no surprise that they are my picot edge socks.

It may be a surprise, though, that they are knit from Opal Petticoat and not from a hand dyed skein of something yummy. The truth is, I chose this yarn because I needed to cast on in a hurry and Opal is already wound into a center pull ball. The benefit is that Opal wears like iron. And also, the colors are perfect since my stepdaughter Jessica loves yellow.

I gave them to her the other night and she is thrilled. Jess always says when I knit her a pair of socks, “wow, they fit like they were made just for me.” And then I always say, “that’s because they were made just for you.”

It’s one joke that never grows old around here.

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  1. Love those colors and the joke, too! After I find the pair of socks I was knitting šŸ™ and finish them, I’m going to cast on another pair of your picot edge socks. Love that pattern!

  2. Love Opal and I have that color way in my stash! If i could every sock I made would be Opal or Woolen Rabbit. They make such durable beautiful socks. I hear more snow is coming your way. Stay warm, friend.

  3. Those colors will remind Jessica that spring IS coming. And that you love her! Happy day, Carole. Stay warm!

  4. Very nice socks! I only knit socks for myself and my daughter, since those two measurement sets are available to me. Do you have all your sock recipients measured and recorded? Or do you just wing it, and have fabulous success?

  5. Those socks are totally cool, which is fitting since they go to totally cool Jess! Love the colors, they look like Easter eggs. Spring is coming … right???

  6. Those are beautiful!

    I cast on for a pair of basic picot-edge socks the other day, as a salve against the no-fun ones I just finished. But these are going to be relatively slow-going as well, because I’m using them for an opportunity to practice knitting Continental (which I’ve now been doing for a grand total of…22 hours :-D). Plus, sometimes you just need an easy basic sock, right?

  7. I think those are super pretty! And Opal truly does wear like iron, so you know Jessica will appreciate them for years to come.

  8. I have a pair of socks that looks almost identical to those, except I used the after-thought heel. I worked them toe-up, so the picot edge wasn’t allot of fun. (!) I still like the self-patterning sock yarns—they seem to wear like iron and make for good mindless knitting in front of the TV or when listening to audiobooks. I’m with you on the OPI toe nail polish from your last post, too. It’s unbelievable cold here in Iowa, and it seems like we’ll never be back in sandals or riding our bikes again. (I have an Electra, too.)

  9. Love the colors! That’s a cute inside joke you and Jessica have šŸ™‚ I happen to have a pair of picot-edged socks on the needles as we speak!

  10. I love the socks! I never get tired of plain vanilla socks. Of all the socks I’ve knit, the Opal yarn tends to wear the best over time.

  11. I have two skeins of that yarn in my stash. I don’t do socks, but I was thinking about weaving them into a petticoat plaid.

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