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What To Knit? What To Knit?

I am at loose ends with my knitting these days. I’ve finished a hat and a shawl in the last week (not photographed yet due to our craptastic weather) and the only thing on my needles yesterday was a pair of socks.

I’ve got lots of things in my Ravelry queue but nothing is appealing to me at the moment. I need a project. Something I can sink my teeth into. A big and complicated shawl or a sweater. Something that will take more than a week.

So if that’s the case then why did I wind yarn last night for fingerless mitts and a pair of mittens and a hat?


I honestly have no idea.

Can I blame this on the weather, too?

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  1. Hey, blame away! This weather has altered many a mood. This morning I heard on the news that it is only 5 weeks until we change the clocks to Daylight Savings times. Can you believe it? While you choose that special projects the “little ones” will keep you company!

  2. Sure. I’m blaming all my focus and laziness issues on the weather, so you can blame knitting stuff on the weather, too! Besides, you might need those mittens in the cold. Maybe, a spring shawl on the side?

  3. Gosh, I am in the same boat! Must be the weather!! Started and frogged a
    sweater and now can’t make a decision on knitting a child’s sweater or
    adult sweater. I need some inspiration for a project. Good for you for
    finishing a hat and shawl!! Blame it on THIS winter!!

  4. don’t fight the small, accomplishable (is this a word?) project allure… i did, and started 3 sweaters-none finished- but when i gave in: tons of small projects happily piling up as FOs… πŸ™‚ sometimes you need to listen to the universe. πŸ™‚

  5. IMO everything can be blamed on the weather. That way we never have to worry about responsibility. When the weather is unsettled it causes us to feel unsettled. Therefore the reason you cast on for several small, warm, quick projects. Way to go!!

  6. I blame the weather for EVERYTHING now. I’m in the same sort of state with all this snow. I think a pair of Bella’s is just the ticket.

  7. I think your solution via your intuition is perfect. Craptastic weather leads to anxiety. Anxiety leads to the need for choices and small victories. Cast them all on tonight!

  8. Blaming the weather sounds good. My knitting has become the process of simply chasing the first shiny object that passes before my eyes…we don’t speak about the sweater I have had on the needles since December. Instead I focus on the hats, mittens, and scarves I have made!

  9. Well, if you consider those three a ‘set’ does it qualify as something that will take longer than a week? If not, I bow to your knitting speed and/or ability to carve out knitting time.

  10. Absolutely blame it on the weather! That’s the reason I cast on for a sleeveless vest for myself last night … totally ignoring the 2 pairs of socks and the sweater for Shawn (that was supposed to be a Christmas gift … hey, maybe *next* Christmas!) that are languishing in my knitting bag. I need to choose a pattern for mittens & get some yarn for them as well. So many patterns, so little time (and money)!!!

  11. Well, I blame my knitting issues on preggo brain but the weather would be a fine excuse too. Once again though, we are on the same wavelength because just last night I showed Lindsey that I had pulled out the yarn for her Bella’s mitts. Of course intention is one thing – actually getting it done is another. I’m sure that yours will be finished long before I will.

  12. Being cooped up in my apartment, just staring at my yarn, is the quickest way to induce startitis. Add that to my need to knit through all of my stashed yarn (I recently donated a ton so there isn’t a lot of stash laying around right now) and I have a million things on the needles!

    I really need to dig out all of the WIPs just so I know what I’m working with here…

  13. Yummy, yummy colors there. Me, I’m religiously trying to finish old projects but have a yen to whip up some felted “gnome” pincushions. No one needs a felted pincushion, so it’s hard to justify.

  14. Yes, you can blame the weather, because a sweater will take too long to provide instant warmth, but a hat, arm warmers and mittens will not!

  15. Yep – the weather it is. I have the opposite problem – I have cast on for a sweater with my hand spun and I have been dieing to knit it. But now that’s it’s on my needles, it can’t keep my attention. I don’t think I’ve knit more than a couple of rows of anything since I came back from my spinning retreat. Don’t know where the mojo went….

    At least you are finishing some things. If you are happy while you are doing it, embrace it πŸ™‚

  16. I am truly head over heels with my newest project Cloud Chaser Vest –
    and I really dislike those in-between moments when you don’t know what to cast on for… sigh… Maybe its a spinning day instead?

  17. I think the weather should definitely be blamed. I am having a bad case of startitis. I simply have to stop starting things…and work on any one of the projects that is under way. I hate when I do this and can’t seem to be satisfied with what is at hand.

  18. Totally blame it on the weather. I hate not having something that grabs my attention and inspires me to cast on. What’s worst though is finding the pattern and desperately wanting to knit it only to find you don’t have the right yarn or not enough of it. Why does that always happen?

  19. I’ll blame the weather, too. I had plans to make at least two sweaters this year along with some larger projects. So far, I have a hat, a scarf and a cabled shawl (well this is a large project) and don’t know what sweater I want to start with.

  20. Because these are good stop-gap measures until The Right Project bites you in the ass. πŸ˜€

    Me, I think my knitting time is over for a while — all of a sudden, in my usual feast-or-famine work world — I have gotten very busy. This is much needed and desired, so I’m sure glad I finished David’s sweater LAST NIGHT! Good timing. Maybe there IS something to this horoscope change thing…. πŸ™‚

  21. Maybe the cold weather makes the warm projects even more enticing. You chose some good ones! I’m going to have to show the fingerless mitts pattern to Emma. I have a hunch that she’ll want a pair.

  22. heh. I took 3 projects to knit night on Thursday and two sweaters to have closures sewn on. What did I work on? Someone else’s 1×1 ribbing. Sometimes I think right after I finish a big project I just need a mental break but I don’t have anything easy lined up. πŸ™‚

  23. I highly recommend Emerald from Knitty. A substantial project, without substantial effort, but with substantial satisfaction. Have I used the word enough?

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