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Let’s Twist Again

Hello! It’s Monday! And it’s freakin’ cold here in Massachusetts. What a way to start the week.

So, how was your weekend? Mine was, indeed, a better weekend than the last. Although, let’s face it, the bar was set pretty low. That said, my weekend included some pretty good moments. There was a great night out with friends during which we consumed several Mai Tais and copious amount of sushi. Yay. There was also a fun family game night of Monopoly and Racko that was enhanced by a delicious roast pork dinner cooked by yours truly.

And, of course, there was knitting. I finally tackled a project that’s been on my mind for ages. I fixed the button bands on my Twist sweater. Now, I never told you about this and it wasn’t even something I noticed when I first finished the sweater. Over time, though, those button bands just got way too ruffly and I stopped wearing the sweater. When I reorganized the craft room a few months back I found 2 extra skeins of the Peace Fleece I used for this and I decided I might as well attempt a fix. Since I considered it unwearable I really didn’t have anything to lose.

So, on Friday I ripped off the collar and left and right button bands. I spent the rest of Friday picking up and reknitting the button bands with about 14 less stitches than I originally had. On Saturday and Sunday I knit the collar and sewed the buttons back on.

And I think it’s a great fix. I don’t have pictures but I’m wearing it today and there’s nary a ruffle in sight.

I told you it was a better weekend.

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  1. I never noticed the ruffling. Glad you fixed it and that it’s back in rotation and being worn again. It’ll come in handy on such a wretchedly cold morning and day. -8° here.

  2. A friend told me her thermometer read -1.8 this morning. That’s wicked cold … even for New England! Glad you got the sweater fixed 🙂 Your weekend sounds fun!

  3. Stock pic of the tulip? So pretty, but here in Middle Earth we are awaiting the snowdrops and I don’t expect those for another month. Happy Monday Carole!!!

  4. Good for you to get your sweater fixed. It’s hard to go back and pick something like that back up again (at least for me!). Glad you had a better weekend!

  5. Good work! What a wonderful way to spend a weekend. From Mai Tais to Peace Fleece and a sweater you can wear, you fit it all in!!

  6. Glad you had such a good weekend! Ours was pretty great, too – our first grandchild was born Saturday afternoon. I have a couple small projects that I need to rip and re-do. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Huzzah! That is one gorgeous knit; it’s great that you’ve got it back in shape! Sounds like you really made the most from your post-flu weekend. I’m always amazed by your energy!

  8. great decision. I looked at the original post, and the band was a little wonky then. It is a fantastic sweather! This is a good lesson for us all… watchout for those pesky button bands that tend to grow!

  9. I recently did a buttonband fix on a previously knitted sweater. It was hanging over my head for months, but now that it’s done it’s sooo much better. Good for you!

  10. they say necessity is the mother of invention… perhaps frustration is the mother of knitting? 🙂 Good job on the fix.

  11. It must feel great to have that button band fixed – I know exactly how those things nag to be addressed!!

    Glad your weekend was good. Can’t complain about mine – the Packers came through!

  12. So glad to hear that this weekend was better. It must feel so good to have fixed those button bands. Little imperfections in a project can drive you crazy.

  13. I think that we all have one or two projects like that in our closets – so glad that you fixed it – it’s a great sweater.
    Stay warm today! (Did I hear on the weather that you are getting even more snow? I’m totally jealous.

  14. It IS freakin’ cold in MA!!! And in CT… and pretty much everywhere. Schools closed in my hometown in upstate NY near Saranac Lake today because of the cold!

  15. Oh I think I need a mai tai. I usually wait until March when things are so dreary I cant take it anymore in Chicago. Then we go to a great place that makes awesome mai tais and we indulge. Hmmmm, I think I can make an exception this year……start a new tradition. January mai tais

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