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Baby Surprise Jacket

I have one last finished knit from 2010 to show you. I wasn’t really holding out on you, it’s just that it hadn’t been delivered to the recipient yet. Or should I say, the recipient hadn’t yet been delivered?

Indulge me for a moment and all will become clear.

The cuteness and charm of a Baby Surprise Jacket is well documented.

The garter stitch makes it squooshy and the simplicity of the design really showcases a beautifully dyed yarn, like this one from Spunky Eclectic.

The buttons, in this case antique ones from my grandmother’s button box, are it’s only adornment, which only furthers to promote the cuteness.

That said, no matter how cute a Baby Surprise Jacket is, a baby is cuter.

Presenting, Miss Madison, the darling and gorgeous granddaughter of my dear friend, JessaLu. And the recipient of this particular Baby Surprise Jacket.

(photo taken by her dear granny)

People — she wore this sweater home from the hospital.

I’m all verklempt.

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  1. That is one beautiful baby – she looks so cute in the pretty sweater! What a wonderful gift.

  2. It’s so sweet when the parents choose to swaddle their new darling in your knitted goods. She looks so pretty in that wonderful little sweater.

  3. I love the baby surprise sweater – makes a great gift and yours is just
    adorable in that yarn. And those buttons make the gift extra special.
    The baby is beautiful!!

  4. You should be all verklempt! ๐Ÿ™‚ What a sweetie, and that sweater is just perfect! Hmm…does this make you an honorary Great Aunt?

  5. I love the mixture of blue and pink. The buttons look like they were made for it. Beautiful baby. A moment to remember, as in why we knit.

  6. Such a pretty little jacket for a new one. How could she not wear it home first thing? Ah, you’ve set this girl up to always desire the best!

  7. What a wonderful idea!! A baby surprise jacket/sweater is the perfect gift for any soon-to-be addition to the family. The colors make it appear it could go either way. I love it… and can’t wait to get an opportunity to do it myself!

  8. Delightful, Carole! Aw, now you’ve made me miss my babies at the daycare! (Only briefly, then it passed.) I like the Spunky yarn – what’s the put-up and the colorway?

  9. Oh, how lovely – both the baby and the sweater. ๐Ÿ™‚ I need to find this pattern – I’m going to have a grandson in a week, the blankets are finished and blocked, and I still have a little more yarn to knit.

  10. Oh, my gosh! So adorable ๐Ÿ™‚ Miss Madison is gorgeous, congratulations to JessaLu. I’m going to have to look up this pattern!

  11. Such a beautiful new baby to showcase your lovely work! I don’t have any kids or grandkids, but I do have the sense that the “coming home from the hospital” outfit is always chosen with great care and becomes a special memory. Plus buttons from your grandmother’s button box? It’s like multiple layers of heirloom wonderful goodness.

  12. She looks so sweet and comfy in her hand knit sweater. What a cutie! And what a great job you did on that sweater. The colors just pop and are perfect for a baby. That is a real honor to have her wear that home from the hospital!

  13. It’s absolutely beautiful and so is the little cherub . By the way, what weight yarn?

  14. Dobby (and Maddy Beth – and I, for that matter) loved the sweater – and it kept her nice and warm on the way home from the hospital! Thank you again for a lovely and special gift! We have been referring to you as Aunt Carole, I hope you don’t mind. ;o) xo

    p.s. It’s Mรณraรญ (pronounced Moh-ree) so quit with the granny stuff already! ;op~

    p.p.s. I hope you’re feeling better!

  15. That yarn is stunning! What a beautiful new baby. I love the baby surprise jacket – been wanting to make one up for a while now.

  16. Thank you so much for the sweater. I just sent her off to her Grandma’s (Ben’s Mom’s) house wearing it. And thank you everyone for the comments on Madison. She really is a sweetie. I can’t get enough of her. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love being a Mommy!!

  17. You’re right …the jacket is very cute, but the baby is beautiful. Congratulations to Jessalu. How great is it that YOUR knit is the one worn home from the hospital?! Lovely work!

  18. Your sweater (and the baby) are gorgeous—when I have knit baby sweaters, they seem so small, and it always amazes me that they actually fit someone.

  19. the pics are lovely, and making me think that yes i should make this (no babies on the horizon in my circles at the moment)… and then, whoa! what honor! wore it home!!!!! it’s lovely carole.

  20. Stupendous combination of baby, pattern, yarn, and buttons.

    And to have the honor of it being worn home from the hospital is fantastic!

  21. Oh my goodness…if that isn’t the sweetest thing ever then I don’t know what is! ๐Ÿ™‚

    (Have you placed some knitting needles in her little hands yet? :-))

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