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A Sweater for Dale Hannah

You may have noticed a finished sweater in last week’s mosaic. And you may have noticed that said sweater was being modeled by Hannah, even though the intended recipient of said sweater (the Spartan Pullover from Interweave Knits Fall 2006) from was Dale.

That would be because the sweater was too small for him. Sigh.

I knit a gauge swatch and I checked it and knit what I thought would be the correct size. I made one fatal error, however, I did not wash my gauge swatch. Apparently Berroco Peruvia does not bloom when it is washed. Either that or Dale grew an inch taller and gained 20 lbs. Yeah, let’s go with that.

At first I was quite heartbroken about the situation. I contemplated ripping the sweater apart but it was seamed and blocked and done and I just didn’t have the heart to start over. Then I thought about giving it to Dale’s brother, Randy, but I wasn’t convinced it would fit him either. And then, in a moment of inspiration, I told Hannah to put it on.

And it was adorable on her.

It’s big and roomy in a boyfriend-sweater sort of way.

She thinks it will be perfect for knocking around campus.

And I’m just happy that someone I love will be wearing a sweater I knit.

Even if it is the wrong person.

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  1. It’s a perfect big, comfy, sweatshirt type style for a college student. She may be the unintended recipient but it’s the right person and the right time.

  2. There you go, the reason we have been told over and over, swatch and
    wash our swatch! I am guilty of the same thing so I will do a swatch
    before starting my sweater!! Hannah is so darn cute!

  3. Hannah could make a potato sack look good. The fact that it’s a really nice sweater is a bonus.

    When are you starting Dale’s sweater? (ducks)

  4. Oh my goodness, she looks adorable! Really love the color on her, she looks very happy to be the new owner! 🙂

  5. She is the right person. She just wasn’t the intended person.

    That is a fabulous sweater. I have yet to finish a sweater that actually fits me properly. For the last one, I even washed my gauge swatch (they were very insistent in the instructions to do so and I am nothing if not obedient). The swatch was PERFECT, but I guess that I should have hung it for a while, because on the whole, the sweater stretches (and stretches and stretches).

    Ah well, it is still pretty, and I have never been known for my well fitting clothing. It just would have been nice after all that work.

  6. It looks like it was knit just for her. It has that nice roomy fit – she can fit a turtleneck on underneath if necessary. It’s a great color for her too. I don’t think I could have ripped it apart either!

  7. it looks so cute on her. when i was in highschool i used to wear the sweaters my mother had knit for my dad all of the time and they were big and loose like this one is on hannah. wearing them always made me feel closer to my dad. maybe hannah will think of dale when she wears it too.

    and of course it looks cute on hannah what wouldn’t.

  8. gauge lies. period. punto. finale. (and it happens more than anyone admits!) 🙂
    Love the pics of Hannah. (especially the last one). great sweater.

  9. omg. that last face! she does look great in it. dale just goes to the back to the queue.

    tell him i’m just kidding.

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